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Mary CF
11-08-05, 18:28
Cures becomes contentious success

Gary Strauss - USA Today

Kevin Trudeau has no medical training. He's a convicted felon. And he has been banned from hawking products and services on TV that federal regulators charge have no merit.

But the former used-car salesman's book - Natural Cures "They" Don't Want You to Know About - has vaulted to the top of many U.S. best-seller lists.

Released in late June, NaturalCures is No.2 on USA Today's Best-Selling Books list, trailing only the latest Harry Potter instalment. It's also among top sellers ranked by The New York Times and Amazon.com.

Natural Cures, which Trudeau pushes on TV infomercials, purports to offer natural remedies for many diseases and provides advice on avoiding illnesses. It lambastes regulators, drugmakers and marketers for promoting and monitoring what Trudeau says are harmful foods and medications.

And it directs readers to Trudeau's naturalcures.com website, where the hopeful can pay $9.95 monthly (or $499 a lifetime) for access.

Sold by major retailers, Cures could be the top self-published book ever, says Jim Milliot, a Publisher's Weekly editor. "It sold 1.5 million copies in July. He's tapped into something. People are looking for alternative advice."

Trudeau brushes off critics. He fancies himself a Ralph Nader-style consumer advocate fighting big business and government. "Natural cures have been a passion of mine for a long time," says Trudeau, 42. "I'm talking about things that no one wants to admit."

Publishers rejected Cures before its release through his own company, Alliance Publishing. "They told me, 'Nobody will buy it. You're a nut. You'll have to tone it down.'" Trudeau says.

Trudeau honed his pitchman skills promoting a series of infomercial products over two decades such as Dr. Callahan's Addiction Breaking System, Eden's Secret Nature's Purifying Product, the Sable Hair Farming System, the Mega Memory System, Biotape and Coral Calcium Supreme, a daily vitamin supplement.

Coral Calcium - made from Japanese sea coral - drew a U.S. Federal Trade Commission lawsuit in 2003 that accused Trudeau of making unsubstantiated claims as a cure for cancer, heart disease and other maladies.

Trudeau, who has tangled with the FTC over product claims since 1998, settled in 2004 and agreed to no longer appear in or produce ads shilling goods or services. But the FTC settlement allows him to hawk books.

"He has a constitutional right to free speech" the FTC's Laura Sullivan says.

Trudeau doesn't shy away from controversy. He's suing the FTC over a press release detailing the terms of last year's 2004 settlement. And he's frank about a two-year prison term for conviction in 1991 on credit-card fraud. A federal indictment accused him of stealing more than $128,600 using credit cards from those who had bought his products.

"I made a mistake in my 20s," he says. "So what?"

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Mary CF
11-08-05, 18:36
That's just the last thing we need: another Tom Cruise. I wonder if this guy has any connections with Scientology? Hah, next thing you know, I bet he'll have Cruise promoting/endorsing his book... if he can pay him enough.

It's a shame what people can get away with these days. I haven't read the book so obviously I don't know that it doesn't work, but my best guess says it probably doesn't. The whole thing just reeks of scam and scandal - he was a used car salesman and he's a convicted felon. Not to mention his lack of a medical degree.

I saw one of his infomercials late at night once. I swear, the guy is nuts. He was going on about a cure or some kind of preventative way of dealing with CANCER of all things. That's cruel, getting people's hopes up like that... I doubt he knows what he's talking about. I don't know what his book sales are really indicative of, though.

It just goes to show that if people are desperate enough, you can easily exploit them. And people like him are only all-too-willing.

And just get that last bit. I wish I could steal that much and say "So what?"... oh wait... NO I DON'T!!! The guy digusts me. And if he's so careless about taking that much money from people who already support him by buying his products... who says he feels bound to be honest with his book, or any future endeavours?

Of course... I could be wrong, but I doubt it. :rolleyes:

11-08-05, 18:38
I agree totally with you, Mary CF. The guy is an idiot of the highest order - premium quality... well I can't really say without getting booted of the forum for bad language :rolleyes: . But then, there is the age-old phrase 'who's more foolish - the fool or the fool that follows?' You've got to ask questions about the kind of people who 1) help publish/distribute/broadcast his stuff and 2) actually buy his books in the first place...

The guy only gets away with all this if other people/organisations let him...

11-08-05, 19:03
Hey, if some nut is paying you for TV air time or to work in publishing office etc are you going to question the morals of the situation?

This is the US were talking about here...

11-08-05, 19:21
I'm not going to defend this guy (don't know him, don't know the specifics of what he's selling) but if anyone thinks that the AMA and the Pharmaceutical companies have all the answers, you're dreaming! Viable alternatives DO exist, but the "experts" want you to have to buy expensive drugs and pay for expensive procedures, when simple, more cost effective (thus not profitable to the industy) solutions might be available.

Just remember there was a time when acupuncture was viewed as quackery by western medicine! In fact, western medicine has yet to abandon it's completely mechanistic view of the human body, and that holds them back, I think. I just don't want people to "tow the company line" solely because some nut is on the other side! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

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Mary CF
11-08-05, 19:49
I'm not saying either side is completely right or completely wrong, though I did say I seriously doubt this guy's honesty (and with good reason, I think).

I don't agree with conventional medicine (depending solely drugs to kill disease/illness), but this "new age" **** he's selling sure seems deeply rooted in paranoia and probably has little factual evidence to support it.

12-08-05, 04:14
Originally posted by crux2:
This is the US were talking about here... What's your point crux? I'm sure this smarmy guy could do the exact same thing in a variety of countries. What utopia do you reside in?