View Full Version : 'Island' Producers Blame Actors For Flop

tlr online
12-08-05, 07:50
The Island's producers have blamed the movie's stars Scarlett Johansson and Ewan McGregor for the critical-mauling its received. Producer Walter Parkes and his wife Laurie have used their website to stage a vicious attack on Johansson and McGregor, claiming their half-hearted efforts have resulted in a poor reception for the high-budget sci-fi epic. And Johansson's talents take the biggest beatings, with the husband and wife team claiming a television actress could have done a more professional job. They write, "Listen those are superstars of the future, not superstars of the present. Even lesser television actresses, quite honestly would have more connection to that audience."


Soma Holiday
12-08-05, 13:24
OMG!!! That makes me SO mad!!!

I thought the actors did a astounding job in that movie, especially McCregor. They connected with the audience perfectly!

It's not their fault audiences didn't see it! The 'producers' should have paid more for their networking and done a better job.

Excuses....I hate people like that.


12-08-05, 14:10
Sorry, but how in the hell could you ever attack the acting skills of Ewan McGregor or Scarlett Johansson? They are simply outstanding.

From the trailers I have seen, its not the acting that looks bad but the entire concept itself.

They are just trying to find a scape goat here.

Mary CF
12-08-05, 15:17

I'm not surprised the movie has been received poorly, not because it IS bad but because I already read a bad review, locally written.

However, I've seen the movie, and so has my boyfriend, and we both agree it's pretty good.

It's supposed to be science fiction. Realism doesn't always play a role, neither does 'what is realistic in x number of years'. I'm not entirely certain but that seems to be where the bulk of the criticism is being targeted.

Not to mention the vast advances biology has been making of late - how does this then become 'unrealistic'? Sure, it's set less than 20 years in the future (I think?) but science is undoubtedly advancing quite quickly.

As for the plot... I found nothing really wrong with it. Without spoiling anything for those who haven't seen it - I can honestly say the characters and their motives seemed human enough.

It's definitely not the worst movie I've ever seen... I thought it was pretty good!

12-08-05, 16:26
i saw this last week. and you cannot blame the actors for the failure of this film. as usual, it was the director michael bay and from the reviews i've read, i'm not alone in thinking this.

creating realistic human interaction bores him. like beavis and butthead, he's more interested in fires and explosions than character expansion. scarlett and ewan are victims of both bay's impatience and a thin script. not to mention being put in unsurvivable circumstances only to emerge with a small scratch here or there. on the reals, they're like roger rabbit and the rest of toon town. the only thing that can kill them is dip. not crushing blows to the head, not 50-story falls, nothing. what's more, the bad guys who suffer similar blows fall unconsious or dead. more proof that the two main characters are really toons.

blaming these two fine actors is infantile and useless. it's a vain attempt to save michael bay's career. he's become a joke in hollywood circles and his time is drawing near. seriously, how stupid was armageddon? on the criterion edition of the dvd, ben affleck, to his credit, has his own commentary which he uses to mock the film's premise and director. so not to worry, mcgregor and johansson will go on to bigger and better things. bay's career is slowly ebbing away from him. thankfully.

Mary CF
12-08-05, 16:36
Eh... I mean, I liked it when I saw it. But I also didn't hate I, Robot when I first saw it, though I doubt it would stand up to a second viewing very well.

Some movies you can like when you first see them, but upon a second, more critical viewing, you realize you were wrong.

This may be one of those movies.