View Full Version : Jennifer Aniston vrs. Stacy Keibler at Wrestlemania 22?

14-10-05, 12:52
From WWE.com :

"Also, thanks to an article in Star magazine, rumors have abounded lately about a possible love triangle involving Jennifer Aniston and reigning WWE Babe of the Year Stacy Keibler. While she had no comment on last week's Byte This!, the leggy Diva will finally address this controversy this Friday night when she is Christian's guest on the Peep Show."

Hmmmm... could Jen be a big wrestling fan? Could this all be worked up into some kind of feud between her and Stacy? What kind of craziness could come of this? http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

Of course it might be nothing but, with the WWE, you NEVER know what could happen! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/whistle.gif

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14-10-05, 14:12
Stacy would OWN Aniston!!!
STACY, STACY, STACY...i'll stop there, i could go on for days, it would be funny to see though

14-10-05, 14:16
It would be great if something comes of this, WWE-wise! As anyone who's watched wrestling knows, celebrities have often been involved in the biz...

14-10-05, 14:44
yeah, i remember watching royal rumble 2001 and Drew Carey was an participant (he only lasted a few mins though because Kane came in and he eliminated himself after trying to bribe him)
and also theres always a celeb (or 8) at Wrestlemania...they must be too good to go to a RAW/SMACKDOWN! show

Mona Sax
14-10-05, 17:49
I seriously doubt this is gonna happen. It's the first time I've ever heard Aniston associated with wrestling.

14-10-05, 18:10
Stacey Keibler vs Jennifer Aniston in a Bra and Panties match! Well I can dream can't I?

14-10-05, 19:16
Originally posted by MonA saX:
I seriously doubt this is gonna happen. It's the first time I've ever heard Aniston associated with wrestling. You never know...ANYTHING can happen in the WWE (sorry had to get that in)

14-10-05, 19:18
Well, MonA saX, they very fact that this is being addressed on WWE programming means that there could be something going on. It may not amount to anything in the long run, but she might show up and confront Stacy or something like that. The line between fantasy and reality in the WWE is really, really hard to spot sometimes! A lot of crazy things that are first rumors come to pass.

Bra and Panties match, UT? I like your thinking! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/thumb.gif

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Mona Sax
14-10-05, 19:26
OK, OK, you convinced me, guys! :D
I still can't imagine Aniston in a ring, though. Maybe I've watched too much Friends eppies.

14-10-05, 19:26
The WWE may not want this kind of exposure, and are probably trying to find the best solution around it...getting it out, over and done with, then they can continue as normal with the situation out of the way...OR they may think of it as a great buisiness decision, the whole prospect of having Aniston on WWE programming would attract alot of viewers...who knows?

14-10-05, 21:28
I think JA would attract viewers, but I think she would never agree on that.

14-10-05, 23:44
she may not agree on a match up, but she may agree to appear on a WWE show (probably would be Wrestlemania, biggest show of the year)

15-10-05, 02:01
Jennifer Aniston on my TV? Never in a million years. It was hard enough watching her in "Bruce Almighty." ERRR Stacy would own her. I LOVE Stacy! <3333 She's so cute. Not in a that kind of way lol. It was also on wwe.com, and I seriously doubt it'd happen, recently Stacy Keibler has stated that she wanted the WWE and anyone else to dismiss the subject as she finds it sily.