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12-08-05, 22:08
ANthony has won Bigbrother 6!
Hail to the geordies! YEAH!

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12-08-05, 22:25
2 me BIGBRO is stupid. and i think it was wrong for that guy (so lame i cant even remember his name) to take the money, he's just plain SELFISH!!! :mad:

Jacob x5
12-08-05, 22:26
Al'reeeet!! Mint!

I actually really wanted Eugene to win but I don't understand and don't agree with this money thing. The people were evicted in the order I hated them which is good (first Kinga, then Makosi) but I'm not too bothered that Anthony won because he is a very nice blork like, but Eugene was very sweet, very helpful, and he has a lot of views which I agree on. I liked how is was hiding the booze from Kinga (I mean she can get drunk on anything! Even non-alchoholic beverages!) and I like is politeness and for some reason (from the episodes I saw) he has the same level of swearword frequency as I (that is, occasionally a selected B word). But I loved it how he was all exited at the end lol. Off the scale!

My views - Big brother people:

Mary - a witch, quite literally. She would have died of exposure to sunlight anyway...or maybe her demons would protect her. Or she could just fly away with her slightly unusually form of transport...
Maxwell - A ****ney geeser, little bit way, little bit wow, little bit swish swish swish. I'm a geeser ant oi! I'll nick anyfink, and I'll nick your baag. (slightly taken from the Fast Show there), but hey, never liked the guy, wouldn't want him to win.
Science - What can I saay? Power to the People! Know when i'm sayin? Cos at the end of the day right, i'm just doin ma bad science impression d'ya get me? (Bad means good in his language).
Makosi - She needs to make her mind up. Yes no? Pregnant or not? Likes Kinga or Kemal or not?
Orlaith - What's all this about the nice breasts? They suck!!!
Kinga - the minga. *[Mod Edit] But she had so much wine that she started to have the bottle aswell!
Craig - wotevah! No! you listen to me! You have no idea wot i've bin frew! So don't you dare turn around and say that to me! (Funny, but I'm glad he was evicted).
Lesley - I'm glad she didn't win but I liked her as long as I'm looking at her from a view slightly below her face. *[Mod Edit]
Roberto - Didn't really see much of him but he's Italian so that's alright lol. Yo mother funkie.
Derek - A wonderful person. Sometimes I didn't agree with him but mostly I did! He's very funny, has much similar views to mine, and gave the best interview of them all! (The quickest way to make an erection go flat!) I would have been equally glad if he had have won as I am that Anthony did.
Eugene - A wonderful, sweet, funny, kind, helpful, friendly, etc person. He was the one I wanted to win, one of the reasons being that I'm very much like him. A geek for a start! And I tend to tell stories a lot whether they be interesting or not. Like this one time I had to choose between a mars bar or a kitkat. I liked the mars bar because of the caramel and the kitkat because of the wafer. It was on a sunday as I recall, and I evenntually went for the mars bar!
Anthony - A nice blork like, and I'm glad he won because he's entertaining.

*Familiarise yourself with the Terms & Conditions (http://www.tombraiderforums.com/cgi-bin/ultimatebb.cgi?ubb=agree_review) and clause 3 in particular!

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Jacob x5
12-08-05, 22:27
Rachkitten you don't even know his name let alone anything about the show so don't go saying that when you don't even know why he had the money - it was Eugene. He was offered it anyway. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

12-08-05, 22:30
I think Eugene was more than Just to take that money, at the end of the day you'd have to be a complete mug to pass up 50,000

I say congrats to Eugene for having the courage to do it, Everyone wanted him to, even Davina.

12-08-05, 22:35
Damn damn and double damn!

Makosi should have won! Regardless of what she has done, she was THE housemate of 2005 and the only one you will remember in years to come.

Anthony can't even string a sentence together hence his short and pointless interview.

Makosi was entertaining to the very end!

tlr online
13-08-05, 03:12
I'm kind of glad Anthony won. He got my vote, but only because Eugene took the money, otherwise I'd have voted for Eugene.

Regarding Makosi, she was real entertaining, but there's something deeply unsettling about her destructive manor that - had she of won - would have compounded her misplaced belief that her behaviour during the 10 weeks had been acceptable.

Oh well. At least I've got my life back again.

Roll on BB 2006 :D

13-08-05, 11:35
So Anthony wins for being 'good looking'. How surprising. :rolleyes: Despite Eugene taking the money, I still wanted him to win.

13-08-05, 11:35
Good for Anthony, i really wanted Kinga to win but im still glad Anthony did.

Makosi was booed. But at least Kinga got lots of cheers!

Also we got to see some ex-housemates likes lesley maxwell and saskia and all the others.

13-08-05, 11:41
ok im sorry http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/thumb.gif

i suppose i dont really watch much of big bro cos whoeva i want to win always loses :confused:

like i wanted mary to win- cos she was really different to the othere guys and look who went first MARY :mad: AGHHH!!!!!

13-08-05, 14:28
I'm glad Antony won,but i liked Science ever since the start,ya get me?I liked it when they had to sit in cardboard boxes!Mint!

I HATE Craig!Whatever- wannabe- loser- jelous- ok- you know it!

Jacob x5
14-08-05, 00:12
rachkitten lol Mary was a witch she freaked me out big time she but I'm glad she flew off on her broom fast! (I only started watching towards the end though, although I did see most of the housemates go in at the start).

What does everyone have against Eugene taking the money? HE WAS OFFERED IT FOR CHRIST'S SAKE!!! lol. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

Jacob x5
14-08-05, 00:14
Kinga is a drunk mad person and I hate here lol. I found Derek funny and the way he said his views in the diary room was funny like about Science being the first black person that made him want to become a member of the...now what was it? I don't get it, lol, oh well. :(