View Full Version : How can I update my soundcard drivers, please?

13-08-05, 20:43
Hello there,

It's fairly easy to update your videocard drivers, but to do the same for sound it a lot trickier, I personally think. Thus the question: how do I do it?

First I need to know what kind of soundblaster I have and I do not know where to find this information. All I can tell you is that I have 2 speakers with the name CREATIVE on them as well as a subwoofer carrying that same name. But does that mean I automatically have a soundcard driver of CREATIVE and if so:

What should I pick from the list they give me in the link mentioned underneath, please?


It's just .... I've never done this before and perhaps it's really necessary to upgrade the drivers for my soundcard, no?

Please help me! I'm desperate!

Many thanks,

Bye for now

13-08-05, 20:53
You should be able to tell by going to Control Panel/System clicking on the Hardware tab and then clicking the Device Manager button. You should find it listed there.

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