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14-02-04, 14:32
By Sarah Hall

Friends may have taped its last episode, but Matt LeBlanc already has a brand new gig: changing diapers.

The actor's wife, Melissa, gave birth last Sunday to daughter Marina LeBlanc--the couple's first child together. (Melissa has two children from a previous marriage.)

The baby weighed in at a healthy seven pounds, one ounce, and measured 19 inches long. She and her proud parents were doing fine, according to People.com.

The LeBlancs were wed May 3 in Hawaii after a five-year engagement. Family and Friends costars were among the revelers at the ceremony.

Marina is the second member of the Friends offspring pool. Lisa Kudrow has a son, Julian, 5, with husband Michel Stern, and Courteney Cox is pregnant with her first child with husband David Arquette. The other cast members are still child-free--at least for now.

Daddy duty isn't the only thing on LeBlanc's horizon. While Friends' 10-year run will come to an end in May, the life of LeBlanc's alter-ego Joey will go on in a spinoff, aptly titled Joey.

The show will center on Joey's departure from New York to pursue acting in Los Angeles.

Earlier in the week, FilmJerk.com reported that NBC was already laboring to put together the cast of Joey.

Citing "casting documents currently making their way around casting agents' offices," Filmjerk revealed information about three members of Joey's new crowd, series regulars "Gina," "Michael" and "Allison."

According to the casting notes, Gina is Joey's hairdresser sister who has a way with members of the opposite sex, much like her womanizing brother. Her son, Michael, is described as a somewhat socially awkward grad student attending CalTech.

Allison is Joey's new neighbor in Los Angeles. She's stuck in a bad marriage, but that doesn't stop sparks of some sort flying between her and Joey, and the two reportedly develop a friendship.

Friends helmer Kevin Bright will direct the pilot episode, which is expected to begin shooting in March.

Can Joey make it without Ross, Rachel, Chandler, Monica and Phoebe? We'll see how he's doin' next fall, when Joey debuts in the Thursday night power slot formerly occupied by Friends.

14-02-04, 14:39
yay congrats to him!!!!!!

he's my favorite friend http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/jumper.gif