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15-08-05, 21:12
I have noticed a disturbing trend in my PC recently. It started (from what I remember) when I bought the old digitally remastered half life games. There was a slight lag when you tried to move around in the game (noticed this on the training level). I put this down to it being an old game on XP and I didn't notice the problem on the main game.

I have been checking out quite a few demos recently along with some other games that I have re-loaded back onto my PC and have come across the flaw again.

.Indiana Jones and the Emperors Tomb (full game)
.BloodRayne2 (demo)
.Silent Strom Sentinals (demo)

I'll give you a typical example-

press and hold the forward key and Indy moves forwards. Hold it down for more than a few seconds and it 'lags' i.e. when you release the key Indy keeps going forwards for a while before stopping.

Now this doesn't sond like much but at time it can be very frustrating (Bloodrayne2 is about as playable as AOD: possible but feels like a chore).

Does anyone know why this happens?

Is it a common problem or is it to do with the demos being incomplete versions of the full game? :confused:

16-08-05, 09:57
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Sounds like a technical issue, so it might be more appropriate in the Tech Support section http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

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