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15-08-05, 10:11
Lara Croft model spurs city-wide police search
Store patrons mistake model for robber

A police helicopter and city-wide search was called out after someone spotted a Lara Croft model at a U.K. grocery store and mistook her for an armed robber. Police were called to the supermarket in Portslade after someone spotted Michelle Powell in costume, complete with two toy guns and a black PVC catsuit; but by the time police arrived Powell and another person had left in a black Jeep. Witnesses gave police the Jeep's plate numbers and they were able to track it down to a home in Hove. Officers in bullet-proof vests went to the home but discovered that it was owned by Powell and her husband, who were taking publicity pics for a Lara Croft event. Sussex police gave Powell a talking to, but she wasn't arrested.



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BTW, did you know a similar thing happened in 1999 with a live-sized replica of Darth Maul? :rolleyes: Police were alerted by reports of a man brandishing an iron bar in public. Some people...

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some people are iditots arnt they!

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As silly as this is, it's better to play safe than to take chances. :D

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lol is this true ???


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Cool, cosplay criminals!