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29-01-04, 00:02
A Russian air force general landed his MiG fighter jet on its belly after forgetting to lower the landing gear and was forced to eject to safety. "The pilot forgot to put the landing gear down," Russian Air Force chief Colonel General Vladimir Mikhailov said. He said that an empty additional fuel tank suspended under the fighter's fuselage helped cushion the impact, and the jet suffered minimal damage during the landing at a military airbase in the southern Rostov region.

Air Force spokesman Colonel Alexander Dobyshevsky said the pilot, Lieutenant General Yuri Komissarov, ejected immediately upon touchdown on ground controllers' orders to avoid the risk of fire. Komissarov, who is in charge of an air force group in the Rostov region, sustained a minor injury, Drobyshevsky said. The agency later said that military prosecutors were investigating the accident.

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29-01-04, 00:11
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29-01-04, 00:25
Guess Lieutenant General Yuri Komissarov will be wearing Sergeant stripes soon. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/mischievous.gif