View Full Version : BB- Kinga

15-08-05, 22:41
I think Kinga was an excellent housemate! She may be discuisting, but she is imcredibley strong

I like her and she is my favorite housemate!
She is absoloutly wicked, and as much as she is dirty and weird, she is very bright and bubbly!

She is so funny, and Im so sad she is already gone after a fortnight!
I wish she was picked instead of Orlaith!
Eugene was classic
Who likes Kinga
She is very inspirational!

15-08-05, 23:38
I think 'inspirational' is a bit too strong of a word to be describing Kinga! She was entertaining though, I give her that.

16-08-05, 18:25
I thought she was pretty cool.

16-08-05, 20:54
Inspirational.. mayb not the right word!

But i agree wit u i luved kinga, so funny, but eugene was just an annoying, boring geek!