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16-08-05, 21:41
In the whole TR series which TR game did you HATE the most? if you dont know what all the games are ill list them down

-tomb raider
-tomb raider 2 dagger of xian
-tomb raider 3 adventures of lara croft
-tomb raider the last revelation
-tomb raider chronicles
-tomb raider angel of darkness

ok now answer my quesstion on which one you hate the most, but you can only pick one.

16-08-05, 21:47
by the way the one i hated the most was the first tomb raider

16-08-05, 21:51
id probobly say TR Chronicles -had no "real" story line...

Tomb Raider Master
16-08-05, 21:57
I don't know. I do not hate any of them. Each one has something special that makes it good, unique, no matter if you compare, let's say TR1 with TR6 graphic, or TR4 with TR6 locations and adventure. I hope you understand my point.

16-08-05, 22:00
None, I liked all the TR games http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif But if I have to pick one I liked the least, it would be AOD I guess.

16-08-05, 22:00
Angel of Darkness. I enjoyed the graphics but that's it. Everytime you get into a fight the game goes into slow motion. That totally killed it for me. I really can't wait for Legend!

just croft
16-08-05, 22:06
well I think of a tie between trlr and trc but aod sucked a bit.

Mary CF
16-08-05, 22:44
Originally posted by misterCroft:
by the way the one i hated the most was the first tomb raider Are you serious? I'm not attacking you for thinking this but it's almost completely agreed between gamers that the first was the best one. Or one of the best.

I'm guessing you didn't play them in order, or maybe you played that one waaaay after it came out (in which case you would be used to better graphics, etc, which would explain why you feel that way).

I personally am not sure which one I liked the least. I can't say I hated any of them. For me it's between TR2 and AoD. Those were easily the worst of the series, for me anyway. When it comes to TR2, while it was fun at first, it easily became boring for me. The rest had something TR2 seemed to be missing. As for AoD... let's not even get into that.

17-08-05, 00:32
All of the TR games were awesome in my opnion! :D

17-08-05, 00:35
AOD without a question
Why some may ask, NO DUAL PISTOLS, that was enough to make me hate it forever, oh and lets not forget about the "New" control scheme...u know its best to just not talk about it, might blow up again, it happens. LOL

17-08-05, 00:39
I dont hate any of them, iv enjoyed playing them all. But the weakest in the series is Angel Of Darkness, i got very bored playing this game and never finished it.

All the other TR's a great in my opinion!

Nez El
17-08-05, 03:13
Well I absolutely adore every Tomb Raider and I do not hate any of them! I'd have to say that TR:AOD is the weakest but even still I love it because its Tomb Raider: starring Lara croft... Now that I think over da games I realise Angel Of Darkness was a complete letdown...
AOD is the TR game Im most likely to hate the most

17-08-05, 19:07
I don't hate any really, but i don't really play the last revelation because i play so much then know that something scary will happen and then i don't play. :( But i really wanna play the level with the planetarium because it looks so cool!

I think i'll play it tomorrow! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/jumper.gif

17-08-05, 19:27
for me: ANGEL OF DARKNESS!!! (And yes, it is HATE)

Wow, I thought I heard it all, but for someone to like TR1 the least? Well, to each his/her own!

17-08-05, 20:44
2. It was soooo dull. 1 wasn't exactly great either (I started playing with TR3), but because I had it on N-Gage, I kinda kept on trying 'til I completed it.

17-08-05, 23:34
I like them all! Lara Croft for life [Mod Edit]!

*Think a little more carefully about how you express yourself here!

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