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17-08-05, 06:07
Madonna was rushed to the hospital after falling off a horse while celebrating her 47th birthday yesterday. The "Ray Of Light" singer broke her hand, collar bone and cracked three ribs in the accident which took place when she was celebrating her special day with husband Guy Ritchie and children Lourdes and Rocco. However, fears Madonna had punctured lung were allayed when her spokesperson announced she would return home last night. But Madonna is unlikely to be able to sing or dance in the near future because her fractured ribs will make breathing painful for at least six weeks. The prolific chart-topper recently took up horse riding in a bid to get the most out of her country estate on England's Wiltshire-Devon border.


17-08-05, 17:28
Oh god. Ouch. I think i heard that on the radio last night.

18-08-05, 02:57
I'll never understand why anyone would want to ride a horse. Especially after what happened to Christopher Reeve! :( I did it a few times when I was in summer camp. I hated it. It's very uncomfortable up there. I was sore for a week.

18-08-05, 03:43
Why would anyone drive a car, ride a bicycle, have a dog, eat pizza?

Horses are fine animals and considering their intelligence, they are very nice letting us feed them and shelter them, and sit on their backs like we are the ones leading the way ;)

18-08-05, 03:54
Yup, it's nice living in this world knowing everything around you has the potential to mangle your body or destroy your psyche. Hehe. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/jumper.gif

18-08-05, 21:15
i would luv to go horse riding (anyway back to the subject ;) ) i read about maddona in the news paper, it was on the front cover, its ashame :(

my favourite song by madge is american pie-luv the origanal too :D


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