View Full Version : Hidden And Dangerous Deluxe Full Game

29-01-04, 08:30
The complete full free to download http://www.gathering.com/

29-01-04, 12:09
You got that from gameZville didnt you http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif :rolleyes:

30-01-04, 08:13
i have been playing H + D since it came out years ago!!! - its a really really good game and when it came out years back it was a free download - now the deluxe version is free too... before H + D 2 came out recently i was playing H + D with my friends - some long LAN nights... hehehe.. as ppl who play this will know - the Hard skill level is really really tough... it took me ages to clock the game on hard.

i bought hidden and dangerous 2 a few months back because i am a fan and this game - which kicks butt over ANY war/shoot em up game. battlefield, medal of honor, aything - H + D 2 rox!!! - i also bought Vietcong that was made by gathering and it is also very very good - the graphics, the gameplay - all work together to produce a great game.

more recently i have been playing H + D 2 online - and it has some great capabilities in this area too - i have had 40 players from Australia, UK, Germany, US and Russia playing all at once with little LAG!!!! (gaming lingo for when a game goes slow)...

if you are a fan of H + D - i totally recommend H + D 2...

30-01-04, 09:44
I downloaded it but haven't played yet. Maybe over weekend I will