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just croft
17-08-05, 12:47

well today I was playing whit my doughter's famaly ( in the game ) well she has twins and some how they appered older an adult and a child well they had the same names and I didn't remember of doing any charecter like those.

what do you think it is?

17-08-05, 14:02
that is spooky , :eek:
nothing like that ever happened to me

17-08-05, 16:16
Yeah REAL spooky. Its prob just a glitch

just croft
20-08-05, 00:17
well the other thing that happend on the other day was that the father went to the mall and he whised to have a baby (+8.000) and at the same time ( under the whises ) I didn't wan't to have a baby (-5.000). what do u think?