View Full Version : The Hutton Report claims its second scalp

29-01-04, 14:05
The Hutton Report has claimed its second BBC scalp after Director-General Greg Dyke resigned.

Mr Dyke quit a day after BBC chairman Gavyn Davies also stood down.

Speaking on the steps of Broadcasting House, Mr Dyke said: "With the departure of Gavyn and myself and the apology I issued on behalf of the BBC yesterday I hope that a line can drawn under this whole episode."

The decision emerged as the remaining governors gathered this morning at Broadcasting House in central London for crisis talks.

The news was confirmed after Tony Blair had turned the screw on the BBC, demanding a fresh apology over the Hutton report.

The Prime Minister's official spokesman rejected the televised statement by Mr Dyke, in which he apologised for mistakes made in reporter Andrew Gilligan's controversial Today programme broadcast last year.

Mr Blair's spokesman said: "We still want an apology. The BBC should apologise for broadcasting a false allegation which was unfounded.

"In terms of what Greg Dyke said yesterday it does not amount to a considered statement from the BBC governors and that's what we need."

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29-01-04, 14:10
Wow... the BBC has been falling apart lately :(

tlr online
29-01-04, 15:59
Goodness me. Never thought he'd go. When you examine all the facts (the facts in which we are privy to) then Hutton made a fair ruling in my opinion. Gilligan should never have been allowed to publish an article unchecked and flawed with inaccuracies.

29-01-04, 16:17
You start to wonder how or why Gilligan got away with publishing such an article

tlr online
29-01-04, 16:18
Agreed. A total breakdown in communication I think Lord Hutton referred to. Interestingly, Gilligan is still working for the BBC. Outrageous.

29-01-04, 16:20
http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/yikes.gif I thought he had been ousted :confused:

tlr online
29-01-04, 16:26
I think he's still there! Checking my facts with BBC atm...