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29-01-04, 14:10
Cannabis has been downgraded from a class B to class C drug after a controversial law came into force at midnight.

The substance remains illegal but has the same status as anabolic steroids taken by body-builders and anti-depressants like Valium.

Under the new law, cannabis possession will be illegal but will "ordinarily not be an arrestable offence".

Instead, police will give an on-the-spot warning and the drug will be confiscated.

It is the biggest shake-up of Britain's drug laws for 30 years and was first set in motion by Home Secretary David Blunkett more than two years ago.

Mr Blunkett admitted last week that he expected to "take a bit of stick" over the move in the next few weeks.

About 80,000 adults a year are currently charged with possession offences.

Because of reclassification, the law has been changed to allow officers to arrest for possession of class C drugs.

Under guidelines drawn up by the Association of Chief Police Officers (Acpo) arrests should only be made in aggravated circumstances, such as smoking a joint outside schools.

It remains unclear how closely forces will stick to the Acpo guidelines.

The guidelines apply to adults only and under-18s caught with cannabis will receive a formal warning at a police station.

An officer who finds someone in possession of the drug will still have to record the incident as a crime.

Scotland Yard Commissioner Sir John Stevens admitted earlier this month there was a "massive amount of muddle" in the public's mind about the official position on cannabis.

Sir John said that it had to be made "absolutely clear" that use and possession of cannabis remained illegal.

At the same time, the Government has launched a 1 million press and radio advertising campaign to educate people about the change in the law.

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