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29-01-04, 14:16
This is sick who would do such a thing :confused:

The young skydiver who plunged to his death was likely to have been murdered and would have known his killer, the detective leading the case has said.

Senior investigators from a number of forces were invited to a conference in S****horpe to review the inquiry into the death of 20-year-old Stephen Hilder.

These included Detective Chief Superintendent Chris Stevenson and Detective Chief Inspector Andy Hebb, who led the Soham inquiry.

Mr Hilder plunged 13,000ft to his death over Hibaldstow airfield in north Lincolnshire on July 4 last year. His main and reserve parachutes had been sabotaged before his jump.

Detective Superintendent Colin Andrews, leading the inquiry for Humberside Police said his team continued to believe the army cadet was the victim of a murder.

He said: "There's no evidence that Stephen committed suicide and the evidence points strongly to the fact that he was murdered by somebody he knew.

"This was a wicked murder, unprecedented in British criminal history."

Mr Andrews said that although it was also possible the killing was perpetrated by a "random lunatic" officers felt it was more likely Mr Hilder knew his killer.

He said that unlike other killings it was not possible to go for advice to specific teams who had dealt with similar circumstances elsewhere in the country.

Mr Andrews said knew information was being turned up all the time by his 20-strong team of detectives

29-01-04, 14:20
OMG thats horrible :(

He was only 20 years old to :(

29-01-04, 18:00
I remember reading about this. How awful. I cant imagine how awful that would have been for him. I hope they discover who did this to him.