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30-01-04, 14:17
Television thief still in jail after 33 years

A US man who was jailed in 1970 for his first and only criminal conviction - stealing a television - says he hopes to be released in December.

Junior Allen, 63, says he has applied again to the North Carolina Parole Commission for release following 25 straight rejections.

"I'm going to smile on the outside, but I'm definitely going to be crying inside. And probably cry inside until I get across the state line," Allen said.

The theft of a television set now carries a probable sentence of probation only.

Meanwhile, the same commission has released Howard Washington on parole in January after 10 years in prison for murder.

He committed his crime one week before the state eliminated parole as a possibility for murders such as the one Washington committed, reports www.wral.com. (http://www.wral.com.)

The state said Allen's behaviour is one of the reasons he is still in jail. In 33 years, he has committed 62 infractions - about average for a maximum security inmate. All but eight were considered moderate by the Department of Correction.

His lawyer, Rich Rosen said: "Disobeying an order, gambling. If you're asking me whether I think this shows that he's dangerous to the public, the answer's clearly no."

Mr Rosen said those who have had the closest contact with Allen do not see him as a problem. "We've talked to the prison officials where he's been moved, and they've all been very positive about him. He's 63 years old, and ready to go home."

Story filed: 12:51 Friday 30th January 2004


30-01-04, 14:19
If only this wasn't true! :( :(

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Yeah, very sad for him. He should be compensated. :(

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Erm, isn't that a little long! :eek:

Jeez! As also stated - There are killers(!) who get much shorter sentances!! :eek: :eek: :eek: