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Croft Security
30-11-02, 05:46
I've been reading SYS's site on bugs in the Gameboy Color versions of TR, and he offers downloads for certain areas of the games. Does this mean the GBC versions are playable on the PC? A friend of mine told me once I have to dowload an emulator, but we couldn't find the games on the net. Does anybody know if they are available now? (and I don't mean illegally, I mean legitimately).

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30-11-02, 06:47
...a voice from the darkness.....

Yes, the GB-episodes have several bugs like the "BIG" TRs... :D The downloads are working with an emulator what can run the GB-episodes on PC...

So...they are playable on PC, of course, with an emulator what emulates the GameBoy machines. I've made the animated GIFs using an emulator like that...

The BEST: VisualBoyAdvance by The Forgotten. To use this program is fully legal... (As CD-writers are legal too, for instance.)

The program operates with GameBoy ROMs, which holds the full data of the game. And from this...from this is difficult. Because it's not legal storing GB-ROMs in Your HDD, so after 24 hours, You have to delete them...

I think, it's not bad when somebody is interesting for the GB-episodes for instance, and would like to try them on PC, as he hasn't got GBA or GBC. Later, he can buy the games and the machine too. Like me: altough I haven't bought the three GB-episodes and a GBA yet, but I'm planning, so I'm absolutelly sure that I WILL buy them all. Naturally, I've played all episodes with VisualBoyAdvance and using GB-ROMs. But I value the GB-episodes more, as they are official Lara-adventures too, so...so, enough of explaning this, I think, everybody understand me...

Croft Security, I'll send You an email today, but I'm very tired now, so I'll sleep a bit, before that... :D

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