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15-10-05, 23:18
A day-long dust storm surprised residents of Al Ain on October 12, 2005, according to a report in the Khaleej Times. The storm dropped visibility to less than 4 kilometers (about 2.5 miles) and pushed temperatures to 41 degrees Celsius (about 106 degrees Fahrenheit). Those dealing with respiratory ailments or fasting for Ramadan were warned to be especially cautious. Al Ain (also Al Ayn) is in the eastern part of the United Arab Emirates, near the border with Oman. The town is known for both its gardens and its archaeological remains. In this image, tendrils of dust sweep over both the Persian Gult to the West, and the Gulf of Oman to the East. Two interesting features visible through the dust are Dubai’s manmade Palm Islands—described by their builders as the Eighth Wonder of the World—in the eastern part of the United Arab Emirates.


Satellite: Aqua

Date Acquired: 10/12/2005

Resolutions: 1km (422.2 KB)
500m (1.3 MB)
250m (970.8 KB)

Bands Used: 1, 4, 3

Credit: Jeff Schmaltz
MODIS Land Rapid Response Team,