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tlr online
16-10-05, 15:46
Space Services Inc. is honored have renowned actor James Doohan aboard the Explorers Flight-- our sixth Memorial Spaceflight.

We invite friends and fans around the world to compose a tribute to Mr. Doohan, to honour him on his journey to Earth orbit. Your name and message will be placed on board the spacecraft currently scheduled for launch in mid December, 2005.

TRIBUTE MESSAGES PAGE (http://www.nameastarspacelaunch.com/doohan_message.asp?src=startrek)

16-10-05, 20:42
Great guy.

Moon Bear
17-10-05, 00:15
Without doubt, "Scotty" may have inspired many to consider the possibility of space travel, but I wonder if blasting dead bodies into Earth orbit is quite what he had in mind.........

17-10-05, 00:55
Kinda gives new meaning to the words "Beam me up, Scotty"

It would be a great way to remember such a Legend.

17-10-05, 05:59
A fine actor. It wasn't until after his death that I learned that he was faking that accent. Strange.

BTW, UT, is your avatar trying to catch snowflakes on his tongue? :}

tlr online
17-10-05, 12:39
Originally posted by UNDERTAKER:
Kinda gives new meaning to the words "Beam me up, Scotty"Which, b/w, were never uttered. The closest words were "Scotty, beam me up" said by Kirk.

Bit like "Play it again, Sam", which were never said in Casablanca either. The actual words were "Play it, Play it, Sam."

Bit 'o trivia for y'all.

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