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16-10-05, 23:21
ok red this page some while ago, and good a bit desturbed. but im gonna be neutral till u read it. i dont really know whats it about but i found it searchin for lara on google.

"Lara Croft is the monstrous offspring of science, an idealized, eternally young female automaton, a malleable, well-trained techno-puppet created by and for the male gaze"

"These players may likely derive masochistic pleasure from Lara Croft’s "sadomasochistic", repeated destruction of her enemies, accompanied by the obligatory death cries and throes of agony"

"Lara as drag queen. The predominantly male players of games like "Tomb Raider" are drawn into identification with the female avatar, immersed in the combat and puzzles of the game."

read the hole article/report, whatever on

[mod edit: link removed. Please nomedo be more careful before posting articles next time. You have read the subtitle: "Gender Analysis of the "3rd Person shooter/adventure game with female heroine" and Gender Role Subversion in the Game Patch" -gamepatch mentioned is nude raider. Illustrated article is a psycho-analytical study from an online graduate student zine of 1998.]

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16-10-05, 23:44
The author knows his English.

The author does not know (or appear to)that 52% of TR players are women.

16-10-05, 23:52
I couldn't read the article so i don't know who writing this thing but the only that i can comment is: LOL

16-10-05, 23:55

The guy who wrote that is just an idiot :rolleyes:

16-10-05, 23:56
Ignorance is bliss.

17-10-05, 00:01
No, it was written by a woman. ;)

Guys, read my edit in the first post. This topic has no meaning without the link. Pointless to leave it open. So i'm closing it.