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17-10-05, 11:36
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[ October 17th 2005 ]

Conflict: Global Storm, the latest title in the best-selling Conflict series will be released for mobile phones in October 2005 by Synergenix, the European subsidiary of Kayak Interactive, licensed from one of the world's leading publishers of entertainment software, Eidos Interactive.

Conflict: Global Storm puts the player in the front-line of the war against global terrorism. A squad-based, tactical combat game, Conflict: Global Storm focuses on an elite rapid response Special Forces unit with missions ranging from sabotage and infiltration to information retrieval.

Conflict: Global Storm for mobile phones has been created by 8-Bit Games, a specialist mobile development studio, which created the first two mobile phone games in the series Conflict: Vietnam and Conflict: Desert Storm.

Conflict: Global Storm takes the action to an entirely new level, utilizing a state-of-the-art graphics engine which, for the first time, shows the game from an isometric perspective. This ensures that the player can see the action exactly as it happens and plan tactics and strategy accordingly.

The game also incorporates a variety of features, such as interaction with the environment, multiple weapons and vehicles as well as an intuitive new squad-based control system.

The Conflict series of games have built up a huge following around the world and on consoles and PC have sold over 6 million units worldwide. The mobile games incorporate the best components of the console titles, with the first titles already winning praise from the media.

Conflict: Global Storm will be released in October for a broad range of Java enabled mobile phone handsets. It will be made available to all mobile network operators, portals and retail channels.

Martin Forsling, the Chief Executive Officer of Synergenix, said, "The Conflict series shows that mobile games can be much more than simple puzzle or parlour games. Each of the titles in this series has given mobile owners a deep and compelling gameplay experience which translates the strategy and action of the console titles into an equally rich mobile gaming experience.

"We're delighted to announce the completion of Conflict: Global Storm and we're looking forward to more players than ever finding out just how much fun mobile gaming can be."