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17-08-05, 19:26
What names do you like? What names do you hate? Come on http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/vlol.gif spill your guts out

17-08-05, 19:45
I Love RE4! MGS3! TRs! REs!
I hate MIB 2!

17-08-05, 19:54
Those are names boyraider? :D http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

I really like Jeremy, Isabella, Justin, Tim, Lara.. :D
I don't like regular names like Michael or John.

17-08-05, 20:56
NEVERMIND (thanks thorn) :confused:

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17-08-05, 21:07
Oh I like all those names too thorn . Espeicialy Jeremy . Although I have too disagree with you on one thing . My dads name is Michael and my BFF's name is John . Oh yeah , What are you on about boy raider , we mean real names ! Id like to name my children : Elizabeth , Lilianna , Jenifer, Jessica , Christieanna , and Christiannaty . And for boys : Mathew , Christopher , Valentine , William , Jason , Marco and Philip . And yes when Im older I expect to have that much children. And Id love to adopt. I started this thread in the first plase to look for names and to have a good chat. ( It will be a good few years till I have kids , Im only ten in september )

17-08-05, 21:08
Ooops. I sent things two times! Sorry

17-08-05, 21:13
i like jasmine, natalie, nicole, sandy, seth (oc forever :D lol) greg jennifer nadia ... :D

17-08-05, 21:14
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17-08-05, 21:21
Hey thorn, am I able to delete it?

17-08-05, 22:01
Dislike: Ellis, Phyllis, Ann, Beth, Ruth, Darcy... Bob, D-(that crude sounding name that is synonymous with the male reproductive organ, sorry for my non-colliquialism).

Everything else is nice. :D

17-08-05, 22:17
Ha, your very open minded Olvidarse

18-08-05, 03:00
i hate names you hear everyday. i mean i like the names jennifer, jessica, mike, john etc. but i would never name my children that. i want to name my kids names that you dont hear every day http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

girls - vera [ADORE that name], eva, elena, isabelle or isabella, alessandra, alexandria, veronica

boys - ethan [loovee that name], ewan, james, bryce, brandon, dylan

18-08-05, 07:22
Nice names everyone, espeisialy you TR Chick!

18-08-05, 09:54
C'mon people we need morew names.

18-08-05, 10:21
Who likes Andrew?

Tomb Raider Master
18-08-05, 13:05
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18-08-05, 13:58
Annabelle (F) - grace and beauty

Ayla (F) - The Oak Tree

Shandris (F) - ???

Thirsha (F) - ???

Thomas (M) - A Twin

Ulric (M)- wolf

Ulysses (M) - a form of Odysseus (full of wrath)

18-08-05, 16:14
I hate Babette! :rolleyes:

18-08-05, 16:41
thanks radio girl http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

i also like the name anthony :D

Soma Holiday
18-08-05, 17:31

boys- Gideon, Logan, Memphis
girls-Evelyn, Eilonwy, Trinity (BEFORE THE MATRIX)


boys- Justin, Tony, Doug, Timothey
girls-Emily, Kaitlin (Hey, that's my name!), and Terry

I LOVE the name Bob, it's just fun to make fun of. *His names Bob* lol, don't know, it's just funny. I think of Titan AE everytime. *You can't call a planet Bob!*

18-08-05, 20:45
my favourite girls names are:
Pheobe-Maria (extra fave), Kelly, and Rachel-Marie (my name!)

Worst girl names:
Amber, Violet, christene and mildred (that name should never had been invented :eek: )

best boy names:
Ashley (extra fave), steven and Asten, Karl (MUST BE SPELT WITH A K) and Sean

Worst boy names:
John, andrew and Carl (only with a C though)

NOTE: i apoligize if anyone is offended if there names are the ones i hate ;)

19-08-05, 01:28
Originally posted by larasfrend:
I hate Babette! :rolleyes: For some reason I feel I should hate that name too... but I just love repeating it. :D

Babette Babette Babette! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/c-2.gif

19-08-05, 02:16
Guys-Noah, Ray, Ramon, Taylor, Bryce, Lance

Girls- Lynn, Carmen, Mia, Lara( not cause of tomb raider lol) Jillian, Lily, Leelu(in love with fifth element name, sadly forgot how to spell it)

Either- Rin

Lee-anne, betty, maria, margie, maggie, lucy
enrique, johnathon, harold, bryan, harry,

i dislike more than i like just can't think of them all.

19-08-05, 10:14
^ they spelt it "Leeloo"

I like the sound of that name too, but always spell it "Lilu" when I use it in charachter creation games.

19-08-05, 10:19
yeah, thats it, love the real way its spelled, lilu, great name anyhoo...

19-08-05, 11:13
WOW, look at all these names.

19-08-05, 14:47
what names did you say you liked best sarah?