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17-10-05, 22:47
Gamespot.com gave Shadow of the Colossus glowing reviews:


Any PS2 owners getting the game? It isn't released in the UK until February, but I am definately going to reserve my copy. It looks incredible!

17-10-05, 23:12
It does look good. Could be worth a look. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/thumb.gif
(Strange but it reminds me of a grown up version of Croc, where you had to hunt down dragons instead of giants. :confused: )
Wonder what 'technical issues' they had? 8.7 is a reasonable score.
Congrats on the 2500 UT!

17-10-05, 23:25
Thanks Drewy! I think it was the frame rate and camera. They said the frame rate was smooth for the most part, but became slightly unstable during action heavy moments. But they said it was a minor problem.

Still 8.7 is a good score like you said.