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08-12-02, 11:02
online and nobody posts...

the croft woman!
09-12-02, 19:22
hi ya Draco, how are you?

10-12-02, 03:40
::Voice of BB King::

Good. How is you doin?

the croft woman!
10-12-02, 16:30
Im fine thanks http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif so, what would you like to talk about? I cant think of anything at the minute!

10-12-02, 21:44
I am happy to see you're doing fine. Hmm, what to talk about...we could chat about anything from ant imperialism to Quantum Theory, or we could talk about yachts, cars, airplanes, or you. Take your pick. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

-Draco, your friendly neighborhood tiger

the croft woman!
11-12-02, 16:16
lol, it cracks me up how boys find cars and boats and all that so intresting! My boyfriend is obsessed with mondeos! I keep telling him its just a car, it moves goes beep beep!! :D When we go out, we always end up trapsing through a car park and hes always pointing out every mondeo even if its pitch black and at the opposite side of the car park! :D aawww bless him!

You have to tell me whats so good about cars and stuff, ive never been able to understand boys and their cars! :confused: http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

11-12-02, 16:37
Do you mind if I participate in this discussion??

Well Croft Woman, if you are wondering about boys and cars, then the boys are wondering about girls and modelling... Or girls and shopping... Or girls and gossip... Or girls and nails :D Here in Greece, the boys are obsessed with football (or soccer if you want)... They know every detail about a football match which was performed before they were even born :D

11-12-02, 18:24
Well, I for one like the sound of a roaring American V8. I like the idea that this is not a natural sound. I like the idea that I could build one and call it my creation. Did I tell you? All men have some degree of god complex.

-Draco, your friendly neighborhood tiger

the croft woman!
11-12-02, 20:53

11-12-02, 21:52
Indeed...Im going to build a 1973 Hemi Cuda Convertible one of these days...

-Draco, your friendly neighborhood tiger

21-12-02, 02:09

I have to admit, I like the sound of those old classic American V8s. They had a nice throaty pur to them—even when they were idling, yet it's not obnoxiously loud. New cars don't have that powerful sound.

I'm no gearhead (really quite far from it), but I do admire good design.

(and I'm not a guy, if anyone's wondering.) ;)

21-12-02, 02:22
Here is a Coupe version of what Im going to build:


Not sure about the color yet though...

-Draco, Dingochik'c fuzzy tiger

21-12-02, 02:55
Very nice.

I suppose this is too cliche, but red and black are always a nice colors (unfortunately the cops like those colors too). Of course the right blue can turn a few heads.

21-12-02, 06:17
Well I was thinking of going with yellow and then using black to do the accents...kinda like Nash Bridges Cuda...if you know who he is...

-Draco, Dingochik's fuzzy tiger