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09-12-02, 00:32
I hope you are out there somewhere. I did not receive those secret instructions you were going to email to me. :D

09-12-02, 23:52
Hmmm, funny that, I didn't receive any mysterious secret instructions either. I think there's something up, don't you agree? http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

tlr online
10-12-02, 00:01
OK. All done. Dan, your supplemental audio file has been added and can be downloaded here (http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/cgi-bin/dynamic/levels28/features.cgi?The_Legacy_Of_Domino) - apologies for the delay.

tlr online
10-12-02, 00:04
Trinity34. Have you transferred the domain name over to me? I've mailed out your FTP details again. Don't loose these ones ;)

10-12-02, 01:03
How could I loose them if I did not have them in the first place? :D

tlr online
10-12-02, 01:09
So you say. I think you just like getting emails from me ;)

10-12-02, 01:29
...and I think you just crave attention all the time.

tlr online
10-12-02, 01:35
who?! me?!


12-12-02, 17:19
Did you send out the secret instructions yet? I still have not received them. :(

tlr online
12-12-02, 17:29
Hmm. Check your PM. I'll cc them there too.