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11-12-02, 00:53
hey! i am looking for every one of the TR games except for TR2 and chronicles. and i want the ones for the playstation, not the PC. i dont know all of their names but i would like to have the whole collection of games for the playstation. lmk if u have any for sale or where i can find any of them (except for a place like ebay b/c im too young for that). lmk!

11-12-02, 16:40
Any decent games store/music and video store would have them. Try HMV or Virgin megastore.

It depends where you are really. The stores in Oxford street in London have them all.

Also, I happen to know that Virgin Megastore in Times Square (New York) has The Lost Artifact for PC (at least it did nearly two years ago, when I bought mine!). I bought it while I was there, being as you can't buy TR:LA seperately here in the UK.

As for second-hand, my mint-condition TR games are definitely NOT for sale!


Raider Ranger
11-12-02, 19:17
I think the best place to buy any game is "GAME" store, they should have all TR games for the PS. ;)

11-12-02, 21:23
I'm surprised all games are on the shelves in UK stores. It's so hard to find older brand new Tomb Raider games in US stores. I just bought TR1&2 Gold packaged together at Best BUy the other day for $9.99. I'm just looking for TR3 and The Last Revelation for the PC, but I've found them very cheap on eBay.

12-12-02, 04:08
Lizzie..... Ebay (http://www.ebay.com) is calling you!

12-12-02, 04:17
i have TR3 for PS and can get a hold of TR1... i would also like the collection, but for PC as im a PC gamer more than a playstation gamer (alouth none can beat me at gran turismo (1+2)) im justh the best. ;)

12-12-02, 04:19
She said she was too young to order them from eBay. Lizzie, why don't you have your parents or someone older order them for you from there? THey're cheap and they do have them.

14-12-02, 17:01
my parents wont do that kind of thing b/c for some reason they dont believe in putting credit card numbers in for those kinds of things. and my brother wont do it b/c he dont even have a credit card. im just looking for somebody who will sell theirs that want to get rid of them. my parents want me to get rid of the ones i have thats one of the reasons why too.

im looking everywhere else and i cant find them anywhere else like for auctions and stuff like that. b/c im only 16 and i cant do that kind of stuff just yet like buying stuff with a credit card around here. :mad:

14-12-02, 22:57
Did you know that you dont have to have a credit card? If you would prefer sending in a check or money order rather than charging it to a credit card, then that is allowed as well. Be sure to tell your parents that. I never use a credit card, I always use money orders.