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16-02-04, 02:59
ok i'm going to leave at 6 in the morning tomorrow for the provincial(Ontario) DECA competition associated with america. i'm in grade 10 and i have no experience about business performing and such in front of a judge so if ANYONE has been in this competition please help and give me some tips as to presenting(i'm in financial management with a partner for oral presentation) and please no tips like "calm yourself" i really need some tips on what to say and what to do. PLEASE HELP!!!!!!

17-02-04, 01:07
gee i appreciate the help i'm getting...but anyways...my partner and i got top ten in our category for our oral events in ontario, so bwah!

17-02-04, 01:10
That's great Galaxia, Congratulations! I must have missed this thread when you first made it but I am glad to hear that you did well.

17-02-04, 03:05