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19-08-05, 11:37
Im getting very worried about this situation everyone is in, by situation, I mean global warming! TRhere are to many not taking notice, all of you should start thuinking, cos ull get a big shock when it comes! You should start to worry, in an estimated 30 the world is said to be completely drained of oil, which the effects will be catistrophic, We really need a new energy source! BUT WE ARNT EVEN TRYING!

Im really mad about this, there are too many people ignoring this

In my opinion, the earth should be rid of humans, the chaos weve caused, the damage, we cannot protect our planet from ourselves

In my quote, I think humanity was a mistake,

I want everyone to realize what is going on, I want them to panic, and realize the damage that we've caused:mad:

19-08-05, 11:42
Welcome to the real world Anthony

I still worry about all that stuff but people just don't want to acknowledge it. With oil tycoons running the super powers they will continue to ignore thigs like this.

Lifes a ***** and then you die.

or perhaps more apropriately

"a simple pig-headed unwillingness to look facts in the face will see us through"

19-08-05, 12:06
In my opinion, the earth should be rid of humans, (....)

In my quote, I think humanity was a mistake,

I want everyone to realize what is going on, I want them to panic, and (...) You're a dangerous guy Anthony... http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/privateeye.gif

19-08-05, 13:04
Somehow your words makes me thing of Sephiroth... o_O

But you're right about much of it. We should do something, or the consequences will be fatal.

Capt. Murphy
19-08-05, 14:10
Yes. Better to destroy all humans than sweat a little. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/privateeye.gif


19-08-05, 14:55
Originally posted by AnthonyShock1515:

[...]Im really mad about this, there are too many people ignoring this

In my opinion, the earth should be rid of humans, the chaos we've caused, the damage, we cannot protect our planet from ourselves

In my quote, I think humanity was a mistake,

I want everyone to realize what is going on, I want them to panic, and realize the damage that we've caused

I think we should take care of our planet. And stop destroying it... But that part of yours is a little chaotic and nonsensical. Try to save the planet or unless make a responsible conscience in everyone is ok, but I'm not with you in the "human=mistake I-want-them-to-feel-panic" part.

19-08-05, 15:10
i was thinking about that last month when i heard about all the floodings in england, but i've now come to acsept it and not let it pull me down...

anyone seen the film "The Day After Tomorrow", i saw it at the cinima, and it was wetting myself with worry (fortunatley not really ;) ) but you've got to put it into the back of your mind.

will it even be in our life-time ???

19-08-05, 18:39
The effect of Global Warming are not even concrete.

19-08-05, 18:40
Read Rainbow Six by Tom Clancy.

19-08-05, 19:39
Freons, such as trichlorofluoromethane, dichlorofluoromethane, and chlorofluorocarbons (CFC), are at fault for ozone depletion. For example, products with CFCs release molecules into the environment. These molecules are insoluble in water and chemically unreactive. Thus, they arenít removed from atmosphere. Consequently, these molecules rise to the stratosphere. While in the stratosphere, they break down chlorine and bromine and release energy. This energy causes the breakdown of ozone to occur faster than it is formed.

Each sunless winter, steady winds blow in a circular pattern over the poles, creating a polar
vortex, a huge swirling mass of very cold air that is isolated from the rest of the atmosphere until the sun returns a few months later. When water droplets in clouds enter this circling stream of extremely frigid air, they form tiny ice crystals that collect CFCs and ODCs. This speeds up the chemical reactions that release C1 atoms and C1O atoms. The C1O atoms combine with one another to form C12O2 molecules. C1202 molecules cannot react with ozone, so they accumulate in the polar vortex. When the sun returns, those molecules break up and release large numbers of C1 atoms, initiating the catalyzed chlorine cycle. This formation destroys forty to fifty percent of the ozone within weeks. Consequently, this ozone depleted air floats over New Zealand, South America, and South Africa.

Ozone blocks most of the harmful radiation from the sun (UV-C and UV-B). However, a lack of ozone (or ozone depleted air) will most certainly allow UV-B to penetrate. Compared to our lovely UV-A, UV-B causes cancer, eye-scalding, lower crop yields, a decline in forest productivity, degradation of materials, as well as a reduction of surface phytoplankton. In summary, UV-B can cause major damage to the ecological structure. We need our phytoplankton!

19-08-05, 20:11
Please tell me you wrote that Oldivarse, and that I'm not the only scientist on this forum! :eek:

Humantiy has got a lot to answer for, both in terms of gross irresponsibilty and sheer ignorance. I take comfort in novels such as Intervention by Julian May - that somehow we will make one genuine gesture of hope and be rescued from our own stupidity. However, while the world's leaders continue to have a vested interest in the oil industry, I fear this will not happen soon enough.

We DO have the ability to rise above our own folly and repair the damage we are doing - while minimising future acts of environmental harm. This will not happen while resources and research into clean energy sources and biodiversity conservation are forced to compete against corporate giants glugging away at our fossil fuel supply :mad: .

19-08-05, 22:06
Mankind is failing, in my eyes. This topic upsets me too. It's like that cliche saying, "You don't know what you've got until it's gone..." Or maybe that's a song? Anywho, it is depressing to think what we're doing to this planet. We're slowly killing it, and it seems as though no one really cares, doesn't it? While we have the power to set things straight, people are lazy, everyone's out for themselves. I guess it's too much to ask to make our planet last...


Olvidarse, did you write that yourself? :eek: Or did you copy & paste from some scientifical site? http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif If you did write it, WOW. Nicely said!

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20-08-05, 06:44
I pieced together from my old ap enviro. notes. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/c-2.gif It was an incredible pain deciphering my hyphens!

The whole topic still scares me. There is a vast array of statistical evidence for global warming, ozone depletion, and other environmentally detrimental phenomenon. One cannot simply disregard the effects of burning and releasing chemicals into the atmosphere. The problem is that the whole world (mainly the economically influential countries) needs to realize the hazardous potential of burning non-renewable fuels. That's why solving this global dilemma won't be easy. No leader wants to take up the task of reformatting the economic structure of their country, for they will have no guarantee that other countries will follow. Pollution is limitless; what was once flowing through the air in China could reach the US, and vice-versa.

I predict that some major disaster will be necessary to incite the countries of the UN into action. :( .... But by that time it will be too late. :(

20-08-05, 07:00
hey if you dont like it then move to mars http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif
well first of all if you really want to do something give up all computers, video games, paper, water, oil and gas almost everything thats made can increase global warming....theres not much we can do now or ever so why care so are childrens childrens children will suffer so what...plus theres prove that we are not the olny cause of this its natural so why not speed up the process??? i think everyone stop worry about stupid stuff like people and the earth and start worry about what to eat in the morning and money!...because thats what truely matters!

20-08-05, 11:30
Global Warming is becoming a really big issue but scientists warn people about and they don't do much else. People should go here (http://www.leonardodicaprio.org/whatsimportant/globalwarming_movie01.htm) to see a movie made by Leonardo Dicaprio about Global Warming.

20-08-05, 19:20
Don't bother Anthony. It all falls on deaf ears.

Humanity may claim that it has made tremendoes progress. Ahhhh... No.

Humans have taken it upon themselves to ruin everything around themselves. They are destroying the planet, they are killing each other. Heck they ruin their own bodies (Junk food LOL!) What humanity needs to do is look itself in the clear mirrior of truth and realize that they are far from perfection.

We have leaned nothing from past mistakes. We have fought two world wars, seen countless atrocities and yet we still fight, we still biker, we still shead blood. There isn't any hope. It just sadenes me that eventually when we are finished with ourselves, will there be a planet here?

20-08-05, 19:25
I am ALIEN and I came to zee Earth...Destroy...HUMANITY!!! MUHUAHAHUAHAH

20-08-05, 19:29
Originally posted by Boyraider:
I am ALIEN and I came to zee Earth...Destroy...HUMANITY!!! MUHUAHAHUAHAH See what I mean? Falls on deaf ears.

20-08-05, 19:45
:rolleyes: Lol Catapharact.

While we're all (globally, not just on this forum) bemoaning the problems of our environment and our own race's idiocy, can we also include some POSITIVE things being done to save it/us?

Recently, our local council introduced a door-to-door recycling scheme that has proved really successful (although they still don't accept glass http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/c-1.gif ). There are conservation projects all over the world sponsoring endangered species' protection. Research into cheap hydrogen fuel cells (which produce pure H2O as waste) may be slow, but it IS happening.

These projects may be small, but they ARE having an effect. It might be local, it might be pointless in the long run, but we're not all sitting on our hands doing nothing.

BTW, does anyone know how much it costs to run your house on solar cells? Wind turbines? Hamster wheels? (no, sorry - leave that one out. The poor thing would wear it's paws off powering my computer ;) )

21-08-05, 03:38
Global warming is a huge issue and it's effects are something me and my friends talk about all the time during our TEKKEN tournaments, although i am not really concerned because after alott of thought i have realised we are doing the world a favour in the long run as it will rid the planet of humanity eventually!, but thats my opinion.
Sadly though i dont think that many people could care less for their mothers let alone the reprocussions of Global warming so it's pretty much useless in trying to tell people otherwise
Don't take this the wrong way, i understand what you are trying to put across but its the truth...not that many people care about it for something to be done

21-08-05, 04:02
In my opinion, the earth should be rid of humans, (....)

In my quote, I think humanity was a mistake,

I want everyone to realize what is going on, I want them to panic, and (...) [/QUOTE]

Uh, you have quite the mouth for a 13 year old :rolleyes:

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21-08-05, 09:03
Here in Belgium we've had another fine example of how money always wins over the environment... The government had planned to install wind turbines out in the sea near a place called Knokke - which is where all the rich people come when they go to the beach here. Of course, they didn't like to have wind turbines 'blocking their view', and guess what - they're not being built after all. The government gave some phony excuse about bird migration being disrupted by the turbines (which might be true though), but I've lived in Belgium long enough to know that that's just an excuse - the bourgeoisie got what they wanted AGAIN...

21-08-05, 09:14
We Reap What We Sow.

I Think Thats The Right Saying...

When fossil fuels run out (and believe me, it'll be pretty soon) it's gonna be just like two hundred years ago, we'll be travelling in horse and carts again! :rolleyes:

Jacob x5
26-08-05, 20:38
I only read the first post.

So you want humanity to cease to exist? So it's alright if I hit you with this giant axe then is it and kill you? Listen, I too hope my generation will do something. The current generation is doing nothing because it won't affect them as such and it's up to us (at least, our scientisty people). My friend at school is happoy that we'll become a tropical country but I don't think he realised what that means. When oil runs out, we do have electrical cars, but they are very slow and require a lot of charging, so they need improving. I wouldn't stress yourself too much about it, it's a big issue but not worth worrying over. Something will be done.

You saying humanity was a mistake and we don't deserve to live is possibly in my list of the top ten stupidest things I've ever heard anyone say, I'm afraid, for I can see how much you don't mean it because I know you don't want me to hit you or anyone you love with a big giant axe lol. :D

Jacob x5
26-08-05, 20:41
I read rachkitten's post about the Day After Tomorow.

Yes I saw it, and I have it on video! It's a good film and it was designed to wrn people. It only worried me a tiny bit for about a few hours lol. I don't really mind. It was only one possiblity which won't be soon. The only thing we will probably witness is the running out of oil and the disappearance of a few maldieve islands, possibly one I went to when I was little which even back then only took 15 minutes to walk the perimeter of! And they're sinking fast, but it's a good job we don't live there! :D

29-08-05, 21:57
true joseph, very true

30-08-05, 01:03
Originally posted by Draco:
The effect of Global Warming are not even concrete. Neither is Jesus or WMDs, but we still believe, don't we? :D

30-08-05, 03:39
I heard that they invented a car that can run on water. Except, the oil companies paid the inventors millions not to market it and to destroy it.

I blame the oil companies and car companies for making us think we have no choice but to drive cars that are gas powered. I mean how hard is it to do it like the old days. Lets get some horses and cariages, and bicycles.

30-08-05, 05:22
Originally posted by wantafanta:
</font><blockquote>quote:</font><hr />Originally posted by Draco:
The effect of Global Warming are not even concrete. Neither is Jesus or WMDs, but we still believe, don't we? :D </font>[/QUOTE]'we'?

You can speak of fact or you can speak of truth, one is absolute, the other is relative.