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19-08-05, 12:45
I don't know if many of you know about this but...... They are re-releaseing Titanic on a 4 disk DVD Special Edition (in the UK. 3 Disks in the US). It will contain a 3 hour making of documentary, over an hour of deleted scenes, 4 audio comentaries, an alternate ending, a special branching version of the film (This is on the 2 Disk version, when viewing the film an icon will pop up and if u press enter on your remote, you can view a deleted scene that would have been there. I think this won't be on the 4 disk version), and a music video. The package shots can be found here:
Titanic Packages (http://www.dvdanswers.com/index.php?c=6155&s=1)

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tlr online
19-08-05, 22:00
Cool. That should ensure the movie stays the biggest grossing pic of all time. (currently at 1.8bn)

20-08-05, 08:33
Aparently the making the movie cost more than the real ship did to build.

20-08-05, 15:45
i luv the film, its so sad and moving

21-08-05, 17:33
True ror, I also loved the movie very, very much and the song 'My Heart Will Go On'. Everything was great about the movie. It's soo saddening.