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tlr online
11-12-02, 21:53
Greetings. Have any of you had a rendezvous with anyone famous? i.e. a TV star, movie star, sports star...etc?

11-12-02, 21:58
I once saw myself in the mirror...hehe...

-Draco, your friendly neighborhood tiger

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11-12-02, 23:40
About a year ago...

Once I passed a woman in an avenue not far from my flat; she had a baby in a pushchair while having a conversation with a friend. It took me a couple of seconds to realize that her friend was Laetitia Casta :eek: :D

Another day I was in the subway and I noticed a gorgeous babe sitting down in front of me. I just couldn't convince myself that I was lurking at Sophie Thalmann, Miss France 1998 ;_;


12-12-02, 12:34
Hey, I met Sonny and Cher when I was about 9 I think 9. I can't remember that long ago.

Don't laugh, it was a big deal back then.

12-12-02, 21:44
I have never met anyone famous myself but some famous Olympic swimmer came to my primary school (Nick Gillingham). However, it didn't mean that much to me, as I am not into sport.

I would like to meet some close internet friends of mine. I do respect some people that maybe you guys respect but I would much rather the chance to meet some people that I can relate to and love dearly than just meet some genius who deserves awe but I probably wouldn't have as much of a laugh with. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

14-12-02, 00:31
I would like to either meet britney spears or angelina jolie. two very beautiful women. I would have loved to meet Aaliyah, or Marilyn Monroe.

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tlr online
14-12-02, 00:43
Smylez. What would you have said to Marilyn had you of met her?