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tlr online
12-12-02, 01:49
Tomb Raider The Prophecy on Nintendo GameBoy Advance level passwords/cheats for your spoiling pleasure...

Level Passwords:
Level 01: PRLD
Level 02: GAZE
Level 03: MEANS
Level 04: HAXE
Level 05: PATH
Level 06: BONE
Level 07: TREE
Level 08: LINK
Level 09: KURZ
Level 10: HELL
Level 11: WEFX
Level 12: MEMO
Level 13: HEAR
Level 14: FITZ
Level 15: ELRC
Level 16: CLIK
Level 17: MGSL
Level 18: ROME
Level 19: MONK
Level 20: AEON
Level 21: TIME
Level 22: OLIM
Level 23: LAND
Level 24: DART
Level 25: HILL
Level 26: CHEX
Level 27: STLK
Level 28: MECH
Level 29: ARKD
Level 30: MUSH
Level 31: LITH
Credits: AIR

12-12-02, 02:11
What is the prophicy a new game?

tlr online
12-12-02, 02:24
Tomb Raider The Prophecy is released by Ubi Soft under license from Eidos Interactive and features a brand new Lara Croft adventure on the Nintendo GameBoy Advance hand-held computer/console.


12-12-02, 03:56
hi did you like the tomb raider prophecy??

well i did i didnīt like very much the thing about no movies ...or even no pics related to de fmv presentetions...

i didnīt like either the same enemys constantly... but .... well for everything else for ...and my gba well just fine... another tomb raiding... more for me from lara...

12-12-02, 15:29
...a voice from the darkness.....

I just have to correct some of the passwords, quickly...

Level 03: MEDI
Level 18: ROMA
Level 31: SPOK
Level 32: LITH
Credits: ARIA

But...don't cheat! ;)

SYS "So many tombs...so little time...and the raiding never ends!"

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tlr online
12-12-02, 15:34
Thanks SYS http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif


13-12-02, 18:51
To bad i do not have a game boy