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12-12-02, 09:14
Hi all the ones who possess the higher level of knowledge.. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif
I just wanna know how to do the handstand thing I've seen on some pictures. The one where Lara hangs from a ledge, but instead of just climbing up, she does a sort of a ferris wheel(I'm sorry, I know that's not the word but I'm having somekinda black out here :confused: ).
So umm.. how do you make this move? If somebody knows, and would tell me; thanks!

12-12-02, 09:17
I believe you go to a block or wall and then do like you were climbing it except without making her go up, then I think its the walk button you hold down and then tell her to climb up...

Hope I helped..

-Draco, your friendly neighborhood tiger

12-12-02, 09:19
Hi SorceresS*...

While pressing <action> to grab, just press the <walk> and the <up arrow> keys at the same time... This doesn't work if Lara climbs a wall... http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/xmas3.gif

12-12-02, 09:22
:rolleyes: My wording was inferior, do what ELEN said...

-Draco, your friendly neighborhood tiger

12-12-02, 11:21
thats rite guys, the other thing u can do as well is the swan dive-use the walk key when jumping forward off an object and u will swan dive-its gud wen u do it in the great wall level of TR2 into the pool where the key is inside and theres a lion. Jump off the waterfall doin a swan dive into the pool!


12-12-02, 11:35
And after performing the "swan dive" and while Lara is in the air, press the <roll> button. She'll do a somersault in the air (but you have to have enough space between the ledge from where you jumped and the water)... http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/xmas3.gif

12-12-02, 16:25
I think i read in this forum a long time ago about a "lara function" that never got used. It was on the CDROM. It was where lara pulled her legs and arms in and did a cannon ball into the water.

anybody got any info?


tlr online
12-12-02, 16:32
I've never seen this. Perhaps SYS might know....?

12-12-02, 17:10
...a voice from the darkness.....

Thanks for TLR Online, who offered me this new thread...

No unfortunatelly, I don't know anything about this feature, although it sounds a bit familiar for me too. Perhaps it's just a fake or works with only the PSX-versions? I don't know anybody who had already made it... But if anybody has any more info about this, do tell us!

Anyway, I've got another interesting feature, it's origins from Eeggs.com:

TR2 - Throw Guns at Butler or Other People

1. Walk to an edge ( you must walk over 3 steps forward or it won't work) where a person is under you. (an example is the level with the swinging box.)
2. Focus on the person, by using the grenade gun. if you don't have that gun, follow the "skip level" instructions, only backflip instead of jump forward at the end.
3. Press ESC and select pistols.
4. Lara should aim with the pistols. then she SHOULD throw the grenade gun down at the man exploding him and ever thing around him.
5. Lara will then laugh. After she laughs you will know your trick is done.
6. *note* you can only do this once per game
7. *note* try this trick on a hole with spikes in it. it will send the spikes flying in the air, so watch out, but it makes a virtually non-dangerous hole. in one level there is a dragon (secret) in one of the holes.

What about this? It has never worked for me on my PC. Perhaps this is a fake one again or works in the PSX-versions...

SYS "So many tombs...so little time...and the raiding never ends!"

12-12-02, 22:03
Oh... Come on... Did you ever get to work "Lara Turns Into a Monster"???

I have a better and easier aiming... Aim with laser sight using the pistols... I know you know that SYS :D :D

tlr online
13-12-02, 00:05
Exploding Lara. While in a level, walk one step forward (hold down the walk key and press the up arrow), take one step backward (hold down the walk key and press the down arrow), turn around 3 full times (doesn't matter which direction), and then do a backward or forward jump.

13-12-02, 16:40
...a voice from the darkness....

Yes ELEN, I know it, although I had to recheck it. If we're talking about the same: Lara lowers the Revolver or the Crossbow. But try this bug: in Alexandria, at Jean's office, and before the FMV...draw the Shotgun and don't take it away, just run into Jean's office. After the FMV, Lara will still hold the Shotgun in Her hand. But just in ONE OF Her hand (it will be lowered as the Revolver or the Crossbow with the aiming-bug)... ;)

But what about "Lara Turns Into a Monster"? You've already made it?! WOW. If You made it, then You made on PC or PSX? I've never tried that trick, as on Eeggs.com, there were a lot of people who haven't managed to make the trick, and their experiences just simply didn't inspired me (and I were lazy :D ). Anyway, as I know, it works with only the PSX-version...

Actually, the exploding Lara trick is a punishment for our failure, when we make the cheats wrongly: for instance when we forget one of the steps. Hmm, or perhaps exactly the first step what is always a new one in the newer episodes. In TR3, in the "High Security Compound" level, as we know, we haven't got the pistols 'till the almost end of the level. But the cheat begins with this: "holster your pistols". But we can't make this first step - as we haven't got the pistols yet -, so we're skipping it, and just trying the rest...and Lara will explode, as we actually made the cheat wrongly. What TLR Online mentioned is from TR2, as He just "forgot" the first step what says "light a Flare" (but it works with TR1, of course). ;) Clever CORE... http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

SYS "So many tombs...so little time...and the raiding never ends!"

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13-12-02, 20:39
Actually SYS, I didn't mean what you mentioned about Alexandria. I have seen this and I was laughing looking Lara holding the Shotgun with the one arm :D :D

What I meant was to aim with laser sight using the default Pistols (unlimited) and not the Revolver for instance... Is this clear now??? :D
(PC version for sure)

And no, I haven't made "Lara Turns Into a Monster". Come on... The steps look silly... :D

Tlr said the correct code for TR2. You don't need to light a flare in order to explode Lara :D If you light a flare, you'll skip the level (jump forward) or you'll have All Weapons And Ammo (backward jump)... :D

14-12-02, 07:45
...a voice from the darkness.....

"Unfortunatelly I don't know Your trick: aiming the pistols with the LaserSight?! 4 real?! But how?! Can You share it with me, please??? http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif " - It was my first reaction, but then I tried to try what You said. Yes, I didn't know this trick, but now I made it, and it's great!
So, here's my "how to"... Draw the Revolver or the Crossbow first, and then start aiming. While Lara is aiming, press the "1" hotkey for the pistols (You can hear the sound how Lara's holstering the Revolver (or Crossbow) and drawing the pistols), and...shoot! That's it! It works: Lara will aim and shoot with the pistols...no shooting-sounds and unlimited ammo...and I could blow up the broken machine gun with it, at the beginning of "City Of The Dead"...

So You were right: I know it...from exactly NOW! :D And I have to tell this trick at Home, I'm almost sure that nobody knows it yet. Thanks for this info, ELEN... http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

But You misunderstood me about TLR's explode-codes. Hmm, or rather we're seeing it from two different points of view. 'Cause yes, that's the CORRECT code for the EXPLOSION, but it's the WRONG code for the LEVEL SKIP or for getting UNLIMITED AMMO. So, as I see, this is actually a punishment, when we make the steps wrongly; I think, I have to try that if I skip other steps, what will happened. There's another example from TR3, what I mentioned (You can't make the level skip without the pistols, instead of this, Lara will explode). Naturally, You can think that it would be an exact code for exploding Lara, but I think, it's a punishment for players who did mistakes in cheating... :D Altough I'm not sure yet...

Yes, the monster-trick would be a fake one. I thought this, and therefore, as I mentioned, I've never tried that out...

SYS "So many tombs...so little time...and the raiding never ends!"

14-12-02, 16:07
Your "How to" is correct SYS http://www.gamers-forums.com/smilies/otn/wink/thumb.gif
Don't forget to place my credits at Home :D I joking of course... :D

Regarding Tlr's explode-codes, maybe I misunderstood you http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif Yes, this is a really good punishment :D :D