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14-12-02, 21:56
Here is a local news report. Names have been changed to save my sorry butt!

"Knife threat by a fall victim in money row.

A man who underwent a personality change after falling from scaffolding brandished a knife at a long-standing buisiness friend in a row over money, a court heard.
Samuel Henderson tried to attack Barry Anderson with an 18 inch long butcher's knife but was wresteled to the ground by him and disarmed, Walsall magistrates were told.
As he was being led away by the police he told them he did not mind going to prison as he was "dying", the town's magistrate court heard.
Henderson, aged 44, pleaded guilty to posessing an offensive weapon in a public place but a charge of affray against him was dropped.
He was fined 150 pounds and ordered to pay 118 pounds costs.
Mr. Von Fifi, prosecuting, said Henderson had worked as an electrician and had been an associate of Mr. Anderson, a builder, for many years.

Henderson claimed Mr. Anderson owed him 900 pounds for "extras" on a job on which they had both worked and went to where he was working to collect it.
"He produced an 18-inch long butcher's knife and during a scuffle a window was broken on Mr. Anderson's vehicle," said Mr. Fifi.
"But Anderson was not frightened and managed to disarm Henderson, who told the police he was dying as he was being led away from them."
Mr. Fifi said Henderson had suffered a personality change as a result of a fall from scaffolding and that Mr. Anderson had not wanted him prosecuted.
Mr. Nathan River, defending, said the money remained in the dispute and that no one was hurt in the scuffle."

Mr. Henderson lives on my street and I thought that the following would make an unusual topic...has anyone got any "interesting" neighbours?

14-12-02, 22:24
Someone down the road from me was arrested about a month ago for um... err... well something rather nasty involving children. It was in the paper and someone even through a brick through his window...

On a lighter note our other neighbours are crazy. They have a drum kit in their attic which has the insulation of a cardboard box, so whenever they play it the whole town knows about it. And they have a lotus which they never bother to clean so it doesn't look as glamorous as it should do...

15-12-02, 02:11
Well since there are no other estates in visual range, my closest neighbors are 7 miles away. They are rather eccentric. All of them have the exact same car, same color and everything...

But none of my neighbors are dangerous or anything, if they were I would know...

-Draco, your neighborhood tiger

21-12-02, 20:56
Wow! You're lucky to live so isolated, Draco! However, Nevada would probably be too hot for me plus I would need to be able to go for a swim. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif