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21-08-05, 04:41
hey wellf irst off i have tosay im gald to be back since i have been gone for a long time lol.well i was on mtv.com and they have this game section.i enter the tomb raider reviews and is just me or i noticed that tomb raider 1 was the best rating in the whole tomb raiderseries this was done by gamespot.i noticed that tomb raider 1 had the best ratings.and i kept noticing that the ratings for each game after that began to fall. i mean i enojoyed tomb raider 2 although it did get a higher ratings. tomb raider 3 i really loved and enjoyed very much it's one of the best games i like.i can't understand y the reviews would make it be so bad. tomb raider 4 went slighty higher rating than tomb raider 3 but still had some poors things said. tomb raider 5 isn't anybad either i actually enjoyed t but itwas short. so i guess i can let them say what they want about this one lol.now tomb raider 6 i personaly enjoyed this one the plot wa sgood it stucked me in the game although the camera view was bad and the controls in theend it still wasa great game.i wish this game wouldn't have had a 6.3 and bad reviews.i mean it is a great game.so what do u think.i loved to hearyour opions http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

21-08-05, 10:27
First, I think that it's good for a game to reach the sixth episode. This means that people love it.

Regarding the reviews, as I said in another similar thread, they are made by general players and not TR fans, who base their judgement on different standards and criticize the games from a different point of view. These people have seen many other games, that were made with different (and better) engines.

I happened to read the TRC review by GAMESPOT and the reviewer had a good point: although the game looked friendly in general, the puzzles were outdated and the game was like it was made 5 years ago.

When CORE decided to change the engine for AOD, everyone got excited. The game looked promising, but the result didn't please most of the playes (including me). TR lost its meaning, and I hope it will find it again with Legend. I'm almost 90% sure that it will, since the previews and the demo are great.

21-08-05, 10:31
Oddly enough, I too was very disappointed with "Tomb Raider: The angel of darkness", but throughout the many months/times I played the game, I began to love it.

Right now, I think TR:AOD is a good game. Not great, but really good.

Does this mean that I'm such a big Tomb Raider fan that I'll enjoy anything with Lara Croft in it or does this actually mean that TR:AOD isn't that bad at all?

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21-08-05, 10:34
Originally posted by Sifo-Dyas:

Does this mean that I'm such a big Tomb Raider fan that I'll enjoy anything with Lara Croft in it or does this actually mean that TR:AOD isn't that bad at all?
I think this is true. The fans can forgive the mistakes.

21-08-05, 10:35
Yea the only games i didnt really like were, TR:Aod and TR chronicles.

25-08-05, 01:35
hmm...good opinions i like them i personally enjoy all tomb raider games there all hard in there own way hmm.....i guess i really didn't notice that tomb ader hasn't kept up with the times.im a big tomb raider fan so it a little hard for me to not say it's a bad game orit's past it prime or anything like that.i don't think tomb raider is past its prime i think it just needs a boost that we all need it just we can't figure out the answer i think.i mean i know tomb raider aod wasan easy game and all it's the plot that i loved in the game it drew me in making me want to play it of course i had it for ps2 so there weren't very many problems with mine i don't think.as for the review i personnaly think that some of the things they said were true andnot true since i spent about all day reading the review for each game by gamespot.tomb raider chronicles was fun yet easy and i think thats what made i fun.i think tomb raider the last revelation was probolythe best and hardest and fun game there can be.but that just me.hmmm....tomb raider 1 was really good but pf course the classics are always the best lol.i have played any of the gold games but i don't know if they said anything about those.i think the reviews and ratingd fortomb raider 7 may be really good. i mean seeing previews and stufflooks great.tomb raider legend will be a great comeback from the streets of prauge to finnaly abck to the old roots of tomb raider.wow i wrote a lot lol. i hope u will read this all lol

25-08-05, 04:02
First four were brilliant, chronicles was not quite as good due being a bit disjointed and too short. AOD was nowhere near the same standard. (IMO)

25-08-05, 21:19
actually i just like all tomb raider games lol