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19-10-05, 22:47
I'm in up to my neck in crime. I moved to this Chicago neighborhood about 7 years ago. It wasn't a good neighborhood then, but not real bad either. But today it is getting worse. There are street gangs. The Latin Kings were the main gang, but now the Bloods have moved here from California. The bloods wear red caps or shirts. They wait for kids to get out of school every afternoon to join them up in their gangs. Most of the gangsters are kids - 16-18 years old, with a few 20+ years old. They are usually very polite and will hold the door open for you or move out of your way to let to walk past. They sell a lot of drugs. My apartment door doesn't lock anymore, so they just come into the building and leave drugs under the carpeting in the stairway. Later somebody comes in to get the drugs and leaves money, and then somebody comes back for the money. This way they can't get caught selling drugs, just possession. They use cellphones and bicycles to get around. Sometimes they break into the mailboxes and steal my mail. Other times they drink beer or smoke pot in on the stairs. They never clean up the mess. Most are nice guys - but just too stupid to know better and too young.

I went to the police station and told an officer what was going on with my building and how it was a drug dealing center. Later I went to a local meeting of neighbors and police. One policeman gave me his personal cell phone number so I could call his car directly - without dialing 911 and waiting so long. It works! They broke up a beer party on the front lawn after just 5 minutes.

A group of Bloods was on the sidewalk last week and one of them called me a name. Probably because he thinks I called the police. Anyway, it's getting scary. One gang member was shot here a few years ago just days after Christmas. I heard the shots - 7 of them. "Pop pop pop pop pop pop pop!" Really fast. Then there was a girl screaming and crying, then 4 police cars. The next day I looked and saw the door glass all shot out of the building and some blood on the wall. It made me feel like vomiting. It's hard to explain. You have to be there to know the sick feeling. The kid died later that day - just 16. His parents came here from Mexico for a better life - but this is what they got instead. Welcome to America!

That could happen to me. Probably not but you never can tell. I try to be a nice guy to these kids. I don't care if they sell drugs. I just don't want them doing it in my building. Most of them will grow up and move on - maybe meet a special girl and get married and get a decent job. I hope. But now I have to move out it looks like. I just wish my lazy landlord would fix that stupid lock on the front door! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/c-1.gif

If it weren't for that broken lock, the gangs would have no reason to come to my building. They'd find another place. This is what happens when you have a landlord who is absentee and doesn't live on the premises. They don't care. Only about the rent being paid on time. I can't do it all by myself. Everybody has to help. And what about the kids' parents? How can you have a kid and NOT know that he/she belongs in a gang? They need to take charge of their own children. If my Dad ever caught me doing criminal activity, he'd raise the roof.

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19-10-05, 22:59
Wow, that sounds horrible. My aunt went there also to have a better life, and took her daughter with her. I hope thay are doing fine.

19-10-05, 23:10
They'll probably be just fine. It wasn't like you see in the movies - where the gangsters are big ugly guys with tatoos and drive fast cars and shoot machine guns from the windows. That goes on someplace, I don't doubt. But 99 percent of the gang activity is done by these skinny high school kids. I guess they like being part of something and maybe they get excitement out of playing tough guys. It's such a shame. The lucky ones, as I said, will get tired of it and outgrow it. A few will land in jail and have a criminal record. And a few others will get killed. I never see a gangster in his 30s. I should mention there are girls in these gangs too, believe it or not.

19-10-05, 23:25
Not good wantafanta. Maybe not pay the rent until the lock is fixed or get it done yourself and deduct it from the rent? Moving is a pain in the http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/censored.gif
This not just an American problem, you just set the trends for the rest of the world in this respect. Even in my backwater (known as Australia) this sort of violent behavior is becoming more prevalent.
Courts are too lenient and civil libertarians have too much say. Often the offender makes it back to the neighborhood before the complaintant after the courtcase - and thats when they are found guilty! We recently had a vehicular homicide offender go on a good behavior bond because the judge said he was 'remorseful'. I am sure the victim would have been satisfied with that result, if they were alive.

19-10-05, 23:25
I know how gangs work, I live i n Mexico City. I've seen these High School Kids, when i was in high school, I used to walk on corridors and saw guys in there selling and buying crack,coke, pot... Girls stopped talking to m e coz I wassn't cool, and didnt do the same things, like support these guys, or sleep around, ya know.
My cousins are growing up and I fear for them. I just don't know how much will I panick when it comes about my own children.

20-10-05, 00:10
My aunt and uncle on my mom's side of the family live there. I hope they don't experience that or get hurt.

20-10-05, 00:45
I remembered this blog I saw at bash.org, this kid says
"The DARE cop came to our school and he passed around 3 joints and he said <<If I don't get all these 3 joints back in my hand in 30 mins, I'll have this school locked, and everyone will be searched.>> Then the 30 minutes were gone, and when they all passed the joints back, and the cop had 4"

20-10-05, 02:25
That's just horrible. Can't you move away?

20-10-05, 03:23
Yes, I'm packing up a little every day, throwing things out and getting things together in boxes. Then I have to find a new place. Like Drewy said, moving is a pain in the ----, but it has to be done. I thought about not paying the rent, but it's better just to give notice and move out.

20-10-05, 05:28
Can't you sue the Landlord, or at least have a discussion with the other tenants? I remember a there was a recent case in my town about an absentee landlord who neglected to fix locks, plumbing, railing, etc...

20-10-05, 05:46
Sorry to hear that wantafanta, i hope you can move away from there to a better place. although it's a sad thing beeing force to move out. it souldn't be that way, it's so unjust.

20-10-05, 10:03
I can't really think of anything to add except get out as fast as you can and go somewhere else :( . Take care of yourself.

20-10-05, 13:14
Just take tr3 with you and run! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/vlol.gif

Well sorry wanta we knew about chicago streets,we saw many moovies here,but i thought that was just.. moovies! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/privateeye.gif

So pack fast and leave the place! http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/yikes.gif