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20-10-05, 12:27
Turkey Sample Not Infected
20 Oct 2005 08:58:00 (Last updated: 20 Oct 2005 14:06:06)

By Jenny Charalampidou
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The poultry samples sent to the EU lab in London were tested negative for the avian flu. The specialised lab employed a speedy method to produce the results earlier than expected. However, a second viral test is to follow, just to exclude all possibilities. The results are not expected to be differentiated. In addition, the EU Health Ministers are holding talks in London to assess the new developments and reflect on ways to avert a pandemic. The Highest Veterinary Committee is also having a meeting on the issue in Brussels. In the meantime, Areios Pagos Prosecutor Mr Linos ordered a preliminary investigation into the case of the only positive bird sample from Oinousses that was lost.

New Measures in Evros' Customs

New measures are being taken in Evro's customs in a bid to avert the spread of the avian flu from the cars’ wheels. Therefore, cars entering Greece from Turkey and Bulgaria are disinfected, while an automatic spray system started operating as of Thursday.

In the meantime, the veterinary directorates officials of Greece, Bulgaria and Turkey will meet on Friday at 12:00 in Didimoticho, northern Greece, to reflect on a joint action plan against a possible avian flu outbreak in the common borderline area.

The test results from the 69 samples taken from migratory birds and were sent to the Thessaloniki Veterinary Centre Institutes, are to be released the coming week.

Thirteen Cases Confirmed in Thailand

The death toll from the lethal avian flu has amounted to 13 in Thailand since 2003, as the country’s Prime Minister confirmed on Thursday the death of a 48-year-old farmer who had close contact with infected chickens.

The farmer had also consumed infected chickens from his farm. The farmer’s son is being treated and subjected to all necessary medical tests that will allow doctors to see whether he has been infected with the H5N1 virus, too.

The Thai authorities located at least further 300 poultries that were tested positive for the avian flu virus.

Thailand has already stockpiled 725,000 doses of Tamiflu, the only drug believed to be the most efficient in combating the avian flu.

180 Infected Ducks Culled

Nearly 200 ducks were culled by the Vietnamese authorities in a farm at the Mekong Delta, this week, after the tests had confirmed the avian flu. The samples taken form the ducks were tested positive for the lethal H5N1 flu, which has claimed the lives of more than 60 people in Asia since 2003.

"We culled and buried 180 ducks after the tests results," said a Vietnamese official.

The Vietnamese government has taken measures against a possible pandemic and has already ordered a further one million Tamiflu pills.

Pilot Vaccine From Hungary Sparks Rays of Hope

At the same time, news from Budapest is rather promising.

The pilot vaccine against the avian flu already created in Hungary produced positive results for humans, as well, said the country’s Ministry for Health.

What is left is that the vaccine be perfected so that the scientists can proceed with producing a real one against the H5N1 virus in case it mutates and it transmission from humans to humans becomes a menacing reality.

Translated by Areti Christou