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tlr online
17-12-02, 05:06
Howdy all. Of all the Tomb Raider games released to date, which episodes have you completed. Select from the poll below...

17-12-02, 05:51
:D :D

18-12-02, 01:10
You might want to follow this up or add to the poll the question: how many Tomb Raider 'episodes' have you played? One of the major complaints about previous games seems to be that they were too hard to finish. A comparison of numbers played to finished might be interesting -- although probably not on this site, with all these dedicated players.


18-12-02, 04:00
Unfair question. Those of us on ps don't get a chance to play everything.

18-12-02, 04:06
yet you have a pc..... you can play the episodes, I guess you choose not to :D I have the golden mask for PC but the rest on PSX, I still haven't completed TGM though http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif

18-12-02, 04:22
Truth - I can't fall in love with the idea of playing on this little screen. This is an OLD pc updated to run windows 98 (updated!). I only got it for interneting.

19-12-02, 04:14
what should i say...

i have played all the tomb raider games including the gbc and the gba versions... well i havenīt won any of those ... but i did finish the pc versions of all the other tomb raider including the golds.... :D


oh i love it i love all the tomb raider its something that i cannot just turn my back to my pc.. thinking that lara is still there waiting for and adventure to be raid http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/tongue.gif ;) :D http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

19-12-02, 13:21
I've played all of them over and over and over. That's why I'm playing custom levels, except I can't D/L any from the TRC site anymore (essential maintenance) for a week now!! Please help TLR :(

tlr online
19-12-02, 14:48
Suzanne. There are hundreds of levels available from our server. Click here (http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/cgi-bin/dynamic/levels28/features.cgi) to download them.

19-12-02, 15:02
Thank you TLR! You Da Man!!!!!!! I think..... :confused:

19-12-02, 20:33
Howdy All-- I have played every game available for PC, finished a bunch of LE levels, and I am still playing as many levels as I possibly can. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/xmas2.gif

19-12-02, 23:19
This may shock you all, but I only ever played (and finished) the original Tomb Raider game. I found the action in the demo of TR2 to be too similar, and at the time too intense, to want to get the game. I have pretty much ignored the series until now, as my taste in games has changed. Thus, not everyone who has not finished a game has necessarily played it, or even wanted to.


20-12-02, 00:22
There is no episode i have not compleated as soon as it is out i buy it.

20-12-02, 02:57

Just curious to find out how long it takes everyone to complete a TR game, and whether or not they use cheats to do so.

I have completed all TR's + TR golds within about 2 and a half weeks, except for the last one TRC, that took me less than 4 days and should have been classed as an 'add on or TRGold for TLR' rather than a new installment IMO.


Croft Security
21-12-02, 06:20
Originally posted by PSone:
yet you have a pc..... you can play the episodes, I guess you choose not toNot necessarily true, PSone. The fact that someone has a PC doesn't mean they can get the TR games to play on it. My first two PCs were Hewlett Packards (in other words, pieces of junk), and nothing would run right on those things. I couldn't even install a TR game; I would get an error message just from putting the disk in! For someone who doesn't know much about all this computer stuff, getting a game to run can be a major deal, and many of us decide it's just not worth it. The PSX offers a trouble-free way to play TR games. I had given up on PC playing until I bought my latest computer, custom built with all the best parts. To my suprise, games actually ran flawlessly, but not because of anything I did; it was because I bought a really good computer. And I am avoiding XP at all costs, because I have heard of nothing but problems with getting games to run on that operating system. There will come a day, perhaps far in the future, when PCs will be very user friendly to the masses, but that day hasn't arrived yet. Bill Gates is a genius, but he didn't quite figure it all out.

27-12-02, 03:24
...a voice from the darkness.....

Well, all of them, including the Times-level, and I finished them several times and from several points of views. I also finished the two GBC-episodes. I left The Prophecy for the last year, after AOD...

Then I played the "Castle Of Fate" Flatland-level too (does anybody know it anyway?), from the US-TR3GOLD disk. And recently, I'm in the TReditor Project and in TRLE, of course...

SYS "So many tombs...so little time...and the raiding never ends!"