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16-02-04, 21:47
Hubble Finds New Galaxy
The doomed Hubble space telescope has discoverd a new galaxy so faraway that its light takes 13 billion light years to reach Earth.
"The galaxy we have discovered is extremely faint, and verifying its distance has been an extraordinary challenging adventure," said astronomer Jean-Paul Kneib, of the California Institute of Technology.
The Keck observatory in Hawaii confirmed Hubble's findings, which were made using it's "gravitational lensing", based on Einstein's theory of relativity and announced at the yearly meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science.
Source: http://www.sky.com/skynews/article/0,,31500-12991544,00.html
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16-02-04, 21:49
Well, there's n more to be discovered yet :cool: Seems ironic that the Hubble discovers a new galaxy while it's got one foot in the grave...

16-02-04, 21:52
Hmmm...yes, wonder how long they've really known about it. :rolleyes:

16-02-04, 22:58
So if it's 4 billion light years away, and we'll never get there in any of our lifetimes....this helps us how? lol

16-02-04, 23:02
Helps us to gain more knowledge about the universe and space, rather than simply looking at only what is very close to us; doing that, looking beyond the line of apparent possibility, is how we're as (technologically) advanced as we are today. :cool:

18-02-04, 11:58
The hubble-telescope can't be maintained anymore?

Is it because Pres. Bush vetoed the financing or a technical problem?

The Hubble-telescope SHOULD be saved.