View Full Version : I just don't understand the Windows XP baby eyepatch advert

21-10-05, 10:14

What the.... a fat baby (or perhaps an alien it's hard to tell) wearing an eyepatch with XP on it. Who thought that one up?!

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21-10-05, 10:20
I was thinking the same thing yesterday. :D It's a bit...odd.

21-10-05, 10:50
Actually that's not an advert; the pic is a link leading to a guide which contains solutions, info & patches (therefore, the eyepatch that the baby is wearing ;) ) for TR on XP.

Fugitive Lara
21-10-05, 10:53
is it wearing a nose ring too?... it's creepy

21-10-05, 11:04
I think it's creepy too.

Jacob x5
21-10-05, 17:06
http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/yikes.gif I'm scared :(

Smith will Suffice
21-10-05, 17:27
lol its funny :D


21-10-05, 17:38
Where's my shotgun?