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Hiya all,

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A few years ago, Sky put a few Tomb Raider games on Sky Gamestar. It is no longer on, and I was wondering, is there anywhere you can download the games as Flash or something?

I loved playing these games!


PS, If you dont know, Sky Gamestar is a digital television thing.

EDIT: Links HERE (http://www.tombnews.com/games/tr-itv/)
and HERE (http://www.skyinteractive.com/sky/case+studies/interactive+channels/tomb+raider.htm)

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21-10-05, 18:09
Sorry I don't know where you can download them. BTW Iloved playing them games! The Shadow Falls was my favourite! :D You can go on any level for free on that one, by pressing the numbers on the remote lol, and it had the AOD theme tune, the other games just had the first 3 TR game them tunes, they were cool as well, I want there to be a fifth game on Gamestar, Temple of Anubis was more than a year ago! Maybe they'll come back on after Legend comes out. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif