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Camera Obscura
24-08-05, 01:11
Hi, I'm looking for the name of this song. My teacher played this song all period and it got stuck in my head. But he didn't mention what the name was and all I know is that the artist is Enya. I found a website with a lot of samples of one of her CDs (But they had no title or name. Ex: Sample 1,2,3,etc.)

I saved the sample but I don't know how to host it, so I send it to Yousendit.com, does that count? Anyways, could someone help me with this.


24-08-05, 02:26
did you already try Amazon.com ?

and did you google some of the lyrics?
if not googled, be sure to do it in this format

"lalala enya song" lyrics

be sure to include the > " < mark

24-08-05, 02:56
Orinoco Flow (Paint the Sky with Stars: The Best of Enya).