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tlr online
24-08-05, 05:49
Some of you may remember my Yahoo! Spam! plight which saw - over a period of time - my Yahoo! email account slowly fill with spam, culminating with a total of 11,000 messages in my INBOX which I refused to delete and mock all over the web.

Well, eventually I yeilded and contacted Yahoo! After sparring with their automated responses (even the ones from actual Yahoo! humans) I eventually got through to someone with enough common sense to look into my account.

Yahoo! deleted - in one fell swoop - all 11K spam emails, and since that date, I haven't received one single spam email to that account. Now, prior to Yahoo!'s intervention, I would received maybe 20-30 spam emails per day. But since the intervention, not one bit of spam has dropped into my INBOX.

That, dear friends, is a ****ing result!

24-08-05, 05:59
You have 15024 unread messages:

24-08-05, 08:31
11k! Holy ****!

24-08-05, 09:22
YEAH!! u go Tlr online , show them not to ****ing mess around with the man

25-08-05, 06:03
Yahoo! deleted - in one fell swoop - all 11K spam emails [/QB]I don't understand why Yahoo can't do this for all or make it an accessible option

Even displaying 25 emails at a time, deleting 300-400 emails can be tedious http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/c-1.gif