View Full Version : Core Or Crystal Dynamics?

24-08-05, 13:02
Who do you prefer?

At the moment i still prefer Core, because i dont think i have seen enough of Tomb Raider Legend to say CD are better.

Also i liked every previous Tomb Raider game, Including AoD, so that is my reason for choosing Core. http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/wave.gif

24-08-05, 14:13
im with yah , im still for CORE , i'll need to play legend to see if CD is any good

24-08-05, 15:46
Well we can't exactly make an informed judgement when it comes to who has made the best TR game until we have played Legend.

24-08-05, 15:50
True, bit i am only judging it from what i have SEEN so far.

Tomb Raider Master
24-08-05, 15:51
I vote for Core because it gave basics to Tomb Raider. Althrough, after I saw some of Legend, I think that Crystal Dynamics is making a very good game.

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24-08-05, 16:04
I think once Legend it out my opinion will change

24-08-05, 16:42
Both. Core invested (now CiRCLE) a lot of time to create Tomb Raider series, also I'm sure that CD will do (and are doing) a good job with TR Legend, because CD has already shown a good performance with creating Soul Reaver series and LOK: Defiance. Just one thing, I hope that TRL will include some old stuff from old-good TR games like sounds, details... anything that would remaind of classical TR games.

24-08-05, 20:41
we wont really know until cd make six tr games, who are really the best in my opinion,
but since legend is looking so good and they have built it from the ground up, it looks as though it could really rival the early tr games, but maybe not be better than them, who knows?
the only way any of us could tell cd are doing a better job is if we had a demo, i know i'm being impatient but i want to play it now, not christmas! sorry i'll calm down now lol

ben croft
24-08-05, 20:44
Both http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/whistle.gif