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24-08-05, 17:12
Favourite: Tomb Raider 1 - Big Alien at the end - The great Pyramid

Worst: Tomb Raider 3 - Jungle boss - Caves of Kaliyah ( bad spelling ? )

Easyiest - Tomb Raider 6 - Eckhardt - Eckhardt's lab

Hardest - Tomb Raider 4 - Horus - Temple of Horus

24-08-05, 17:43
Favourite: Tomb Raider 4 - Set/Horus - Temple of Horus

Worst: AoD - Eckhardt

Easiest: AoD - Eckhardt

Hardest: Tomb Raider Chronicles - Cyborg(s) (do these count as bosses? :confused: I think so!)

Tomb Raider Master
24-08-05, 17:50
- Puna (TR3)
- Throne Guardians (TR4)
- Set (TR4)

- Guardian Of Semerkhet (TR4)
- Boaz (TR6)

- Dragon (TR2)
- Willard (TR3)
- Boaz (TR6)

- Natla (TR1)
- Guardian Of Talion (TR2)
- Tony (TR3)
- Floating Centurion Head (TR5)

ben croft
24-08-05, 17:54
Favorite: Tomb Raider 3 - Caves of Kaliya
Worst: Tomb Raider 3 - Temple of Puna
Easyiest: Tomb Raider 6 - Eckhardt
Hardest: Tomb Raider 3 - Meteorite Cavern


24-08-05, 18:35
best - horus in tr4
worst - eckhardt in aod
hardest - boaz ... i never even really beat her! i had to download a saved patch :( im a failure.
easiest - dragon in tr2

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24-08-05, 18:38
Dragon is so easy, just shoot it woth a greande launcher then take the dagger lol

25-08-05, 01:53
Faorite - The Guardian of Semerket TR3

Worst - The dragon TR2

Easyest - Natla TR1

Hardest - Set TR4

26-08-05, 09:35
Easiest: Boaz
Worst: Eckhardt
Best/Favourite: Set (end boss - TRLR?)

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26-08-05, 09:38
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Jacob x5
27-08-05, 09:27
I don't relaly remember many of them since I never played TR1 or TR3, but...

TRC - Three Dragons. (I'm not sure if this is my easiest but it was fun because all you had to do was run around in circles and firing your gun when you come round).

AOD - Boaz. (I never completed AOD because I stopped at this point, having noticed that the game was gradually getting worse).

TRC - Big Green-eyed Head Thing. (I like the way you have to shoot the eyes).

27-08-05, 11:06
Oh yeah, I'd forgotten how bad Boaz was :rolleyes: Add her to my list of worst/hardest!!!

It wasn't that she was a particularly difficult boss to defeat - the way to kill her was simple enough - but Kurtis' slow reactions and the clumsy controls made her THE hardest boss to down http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/c-1.gif . Now, I start to get tears of frustration if I so much as LOOK at anything green and slimy!

27-08-05, 11:31
Favourite: Dragon
Worst: Set
Hardest: Proto Nephilim
Easyiest: Hammer man in TRC

27-08-05, 16:49
Favourite: Natla (TR1). She wasn't that challenging as an enemy, but she was cool as a character so I choose her http://www.tombraiderforums.com/images/smilies/smile.gif

Hardest: Willard (TR3). Crawl into a mouse-hole, Boaz - this is the ultimate bug boss from Hell.

Easiest/Worst: Eckhardt (AOD). It should be illegal for game developers to make final bosses this easy.

27-08-05, 18:25
Best: Sophia

Worst: Eckhardt (I still haven't figured why did they put him as a boss)

Hardest: Dr. Willard

Easiest: Eckhardt

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28-08-05, 07:38
Best: Sophia Leigh (TRLA)
Worst: Eckhardt (AOD)
Hardest: Boaz :rolleyes: (AOD)
Easiest: Tony (TR3/India)