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26-08-05, 14:15
As we all have noticed Lara's appearance has changed alot from TR1.
Do you think that her appearance in the older games is better than in the newer ones?
E.G. The slight change in her hair colour, etc.
P.S. I don't mean graphically, I mean her facial appearance.
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Tomb Raider Master
26-08-05, 14:59
Yes, her look was definitely improving as the games were developing. I personally think that Lara looks the best in TR6, but her moving is better in earlier games.

Jacob x5
27-08-05, 09:20
Lara looks ok in AOD but for me it wasn't Lara. Her personality changed too much from the earler games like TR4 and TRC.

Tomb Raider Master
27-08-05, 09:22
I absolutely agree.

27-08-05, 11:02
I kind of like the older one better. she was more coolier!

27-08-05, 11:04
I mean the one from AOD, i like her. Shes looks a bit *****y though.