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17-02-04, 22:00
http://www.ntlworld.com/partners/itn/images/rape_suspect_antoni_imiela_sm2.jpg A man accused of raping eight women and girls has told a court he has been gay for most of his life.

Antoni Imiela, 49, of Appledore, near Ashford, Kent, broke down in tears in the witness box as he began giving evidence in his defence.

Earlier, the first image of Imiela was released by police. The railway worker denies raping eight women and girls across south-east England between November 2001 and October 2002.

He also denies the kidnap, indecent assault and attempted rape of a ten-year-old girl in Birmingham on November 21, 2002.

Imiela insisted he got on well with women and told the court his longest relationship with a man lasted about two years, between 1979 and 1981.

"I've been gay most of my life," he told Maidstone Crown Court.

Imiela said: "I get on well with women. I've probably had a lot of girls who were friends. There are probably only three or four women that I've actually stopped with."

As he took his oath prior to giving evidence, Imiela's voice broke with emotion and he paused several times.

At one point, his lawyer, Rebecca Poulet QC, asked if he was OK as he appeared to cry briefly before wiping his face with a tissue.

He replied: "Yes, it is just nerves."

After composing himself in the witness box, Imiela leaned forward and rested on his elbows as he began to answer questions about his childhood.

He said he was born in West Germany in 1954 to a Polish father and German mother who had both been refugees.

Breaking into tears again, he added he came to the UK in 1961. First his family moved to Worthing, West Sussex, before relocating to Co Durham several years later.

Asked by Mrs Poulet whether something had happened to his family in 1968, the defendant began sobbing: "You said you would not mention that."

Mrs Poulet said she would move on to other issues and asked him about his relationships before he met his current wife, Christine, in 1996.

Imiela then told the court he was gay.

Earlier, Mrs Poulet had opened the defence case by reminding the jury that the defendant was innocent until proven guilty.

She said the jury had to give the defendant "the same time" and "consideration" as they had given every other witness in the trial.

Yesterday, a court heard that fibres found on Imiela's clothes matched others discovered on garments worn by all but one of his alleged victims.

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18-02-04, 02:28
i think you should provide a link for the article because the pic doesn't show up, heheh

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Well if he is guilty, i think his comment about being "Gay" is just bs.