View Full Version : Does anything happen when you got all secrets

17-12-02, 14:42
hey I'm just wondering what's the use of those secrets. So I'm really curious if anything special happens then.

tlr online
17-12-02, 14:45
Collect all 36 golden roses in Tomb Raider Chronicles and a special features section will be unlocked featuring media from Angel Of Darkness. Tomb Raider III sports an extra level in the form of All Hallows.

17-12-02, 16:30
And you also get a movie only with the playstation version, but don't worry it's only the intro movie and you can download from the best site of them all (TRC.com of coarse)

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17-12-02, 20:19
And don't forget the satisfaction that you have searched every corner of the game even if you don't get a bonus level or feature...