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tlr online
17-12-02, 14:53
Sam Fisher the stealthy hero of Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell published by Ubi Soft may like hiding in the shadows but you can't hide from his computer game which stormed into the record books last week by becoming the UK's fastest selling Xbox title ever on XboxTMvideo game system from Microsoft.

Splinter Cell sold in excess of an unprecedented 40,000 units in its launch weekend, going straight to the number one slot and smashing the previous record held by former Xbox favourite Halo. Splinter Cell also out performed new releases 'James Bond 007: Nightfire' and 'Unreal Championship' on Xbox and boosted sales of the Xbox console due to a bundle deal at retail.

Sara Pelton, group brand manager at Ubi Soft, said: "The reaction to Splinter Cell has been phenomenal and we are delighted by the sales figures. Microsoft Xbox has identified Splinter Cell as a key driver for its console this Christmas and the results speak for themselves."

Splinter Cell is published by Ubi Soft and is the latest release in the company's highly successful Tom Clancy license, which includes the franchises Rainbow Six, Rogue Spear, Ghost Recon and The Sum Of All Fears.

Anyone played this yet?